4 Fun Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Couple hugging and displaying engagement ring

The holiday season provides a chance to get together with family and friends to celebrate. It is also a time for romance. About one-third of couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, reports the The Washington Post.

What better opportunity for a fun and creative way to announce your engagement than to make it part of the holiday festivities? Your wedding will likely reflect your personality as a couple, so reveal your engagement in a way that also showcases your uniqueness.

Bring Dessert and the Announcement

During the holidays, there are usually many parties to attend. Family celebrations offer a perfect opportunity to bring a special dessert that announces your engagement. Everyone is already together, so your announcement will make the festivities that much more memorable and exciting.

This also provides a great opportunity to try out a local bakery to determine if they might be able to create your ideal wedding cake when you’re ready for that, too.

You can order a cake that reads, “We’re Engaged,” or perhaps a batch of cupcakes. Two cupcakes can be featured using plastic decorating picks to hold a different note for each. One might say, “He asked,” and the other, “She said yes.”

A Special Gift Delivery

When it’s time to exchange gifts, plan to hand out two. The first can be disguised as a holiday present, but inside will actually be a photo that shows off your dazzling engagement ring or a save-the-date card. You could even special order an ornament with your engagement details engraved onto it. The second gift will, of course, be your actual present.

Christmas Photo Cards

Personalized holiday photo cards provide a great option for announcing your engagement in a creative way. There are many different ways to accomplish this:

  • Have your picture taken together in front of a Christmas tree as the groom bends down on one knee to ask for your hand in marriage.
  • Have a picture taken as a couple holding hands with your ring clearly showing.
  • If he proposed while you were on vacation, use one of the pictures from your trip.

You can turn the photos into Christmas photo cards at minted.com. Using any of the above options, your wording should also reflect your announcement. “Oh, joy to the world — we’re engaged! Merry Christmas! From the future Mr. and Mrs. John D. Smith.”

Or, “A new year means new beginnings as we look forward to becoming Mr. and Mrs. John D. Smith.”

Create an Engagement Announcement Video

Many family holiday get-togethers include watching childhood videos. Parents always seem to love to show them off in front of their adult child’s significant other, but this provides you with the perfect chance to sneak in your own video. Create something special together that announces your engagement. Pop it in, and let everyone watch.

You might tell the story about how he proposed, discuss how you two met or how excited you are to be spending the rest of your lives together.

If videotaping yourselves seems a bit awkward, another way you might announce your engagement through video is to combine photos and videos that feature you both together. They can be played on your wedding website or a YouTube channel. At your family celebration, you’ll gather around a computer to view your “vacation pictures,” when suddenly your special announcement pops up.

You can even include the song that means the most to you as a couple to play in the background. Wondershare offers a free download that can help you create the ultimate video or slideshow engagement announcement.