The Top Places To Propose In America

Popping the question in itself is scary, but you’ll want to ensure you do it at a destination that makes the moment that extra bit more special. With 50 different states to choose from, planning the perfect proposal certainly isn’t easy, however, we’re here to help you out. As long as you’ve selected the perfect engagement ring for your girl and you’ve applied for your ESTA, these are the best places to propose in America.

The Waipi’o Valley, Hawaii

If you’re looking for a stunning, exotic landscape to propose to your other half at, the Waipi’o Valley, also known as the Valley of the Kings, is the perfect place. With breath-taking waterfalls and natural beauty, the Valley of the Kings is the ultimate romantic destination for a marriage proposal. There are several streams that surround the valley flowing towards the oceans, setting the scene perfectly for your romantic moment. Alternatively, you could always turn to Kauai in Hawaii, home to white sands and endless ocean views. Essentially, the entire island of Hawaii was almost made for marriage proposals, so there really isn’t a better place for the nature-lovers amongst you.

New York City

If you’re looking for the ultimate traditional American proposal, then New York City is the place, especially at the top of the iconic Empire State Building. The atmosphere in NYC is highly inspiring, and the electric vibes that flow through this city are bound to set the exciting scene for your marriage proposal. There is nothing that NYC lacks, with the awe-inspiring architecture, buckets of history and generally stunning cityscapes. To make it extra special though, you could even request a song to be played by the saxophonist at the observatory, bound to leave her speechless. When coming to NYC for your marriage proposal, you know you’ll put a smile on your girl’s face.

Space Needle Observation Desk, Seattle

There’s nothing better than proposing at a location with a captivating view, which is exactly what the Space Needle Observation Desk offers in Seattle. Downtown Seattle truly is a sight to behold, and a space at the top of the Observation Desk will grant you this. Particularly during the spring months, you can witness an abundance of magical blossoms, as well as the panoramic view of Elliott Bay’s rippling waterfront. While it might not be perfect for those with a severe fear of heights, it certainly offers an incredible view and atmosphere for those who don’t.

Orlando, Florida

What better place for a marriage proposal than the destination where all dreams are said to come true? That’s correct; we simply had to feature Orlando on our list thanks to the fairy tale setting that is the Magic Kingdom. Not only will you be able to propose to your other half surrounded by magical castles and colorful parades, but you’ll also have the chance to make her feel like royalty surrounded by all of her favorite Disney princesses. Then, once the question has been popped, you can celebrate a much anticipated ‘yes’ by running on the iconic, thrilling rides, such as Splash Mountain!

Proposing is never an easy task, but you can settle and calm yourself down by choosing the perfect location. Whether you’re dreaming of an exotic paradise, or you want something full of thrill and excitement, there are plenty of perfect places to pop the question when in America.