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20 Bridesmaid Hairstyles We Love

Your Pinterest boards are probably filled with wedding hair inspiration for your bridal look, but what about your bridesmaids? We understand that this is yet another item to add to your wedding preparing to-do list. But don’t worry, we’ve already done all the hard work for you! Whether you want your best gals’ hair to match perfectly or wear a complimentary mix of hairstyles, you’ve come to the right place.

Ultimately, you’ll want something that will suit their wedding day outfits—whether matching or mismatched, including dresses and hair—and the overall style and feel of your wedding.

Loose Barrel Curls

These bridesmaids chose side parts and barrel curls as a consistent and flexible hairstyle for diverse hair lengths, styles, and textures.

 Bride and bridesmaid rocking loose barrel curls at wedding
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Classy Chignon

A sleek chignon with no decorations feels exquisite and perfectly placed with that sweeping bang. This ageless simplicity has a certain beauty about it.

beautiful bridesmaid wearing one shoulder lilac dress holding bouquet with ivory flowers.
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French Braid

Your classic ribbon curls will be modernized with a single French braid on one side of your part. It will also pull your hair away from your face, allowing you to show off your makeup.

Bridesmaid wearing taupe off the shoulder dress and french braid hairstyle
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Fuss-Free Fishtail

Although a fishtail braid appears complicated, it is a simple style for any maid of honor. Lightly pull on each portion after weaving your strands together and putting them in place for an undone look suitable for a laid-back affair.

Blonde bridesmaid poses outside with bouquet.
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Soft Up-Do With Braids

This updo is just too gorgeous, with a few undone braids here and there. We adore how classic it feels while soft and delicate, which adds to this pale-pink gown’s romanticism with lace cap sleeves.

Bridesmaid wearing romantic pale pink dress with lace cap sleeves looks at bouquet for photo.

Art Deco Bridesmaid Hairstyle

We love this bridesmaid hairstyle! It’s perfect for your girls with short hair, and it has a funky vintage vibe.


Buns And French Braids

Wow! This bridesmaid hairstyle is so unique. It’s a french braid that starts at the nape of your neck and goes up into a messy bun. Talk about a showstopper!!


Long Hair With Waves

This look is classy and romantic and pretty simple to do. Just use some rollers or curling iron to create long waves.

 Long loose waves and beautiful makeup on young woman

The Elegant Ponytail

A ponytail may sound too informal for a wedding, but it can be an elegant way to wear your hair when done right. Take a look at this glamorous ponytail; it looks incredible with a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress.

Side photo showing bridesmaids fluffy, and sophisticated ponytail hairstyle

Loose Curls & Flower Crowns

Fortunately, the boho wedding trend is sticking around, and we love it! So, we couldn’t have a list of “20 bridesmaid hairstyles we love” without at least one boho hairstyle. Long, loosely wavy hair and flower crowns are beautiful on these lovely ladies.

boho bridesmaids wearing soft pink long sleeve dress pose for picture with bride outdoors.

High Bun and Crown Braid

The key to this bun is volume, so don’t be afraid to use a doughnut to achieve the right amount of volume regardless of hair type. This bridal hairstyle for your bridesmaids is classic and stunning, and it’s one of the most popular designs for all hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair.


Half-Up, Half-Down

Wear a half-up hairstyle to dress up simple curls. It still draws attention to your tresses while allowing you to express yourself. Add twists, braids, flowers, or other hair accessories on the wedding day to this classic design.


Single Flower

The old saying less is more certainly can apply to your wedding day style. Rather than have a bunch of fluff and fancy hairstyles, your bridesmaids can add a single flower. Choose a vibrant color that matches your wedding theme and let their beauty shine.


Keep It Simple

If you love a more minimalistic style, you’ll love this simple bridesmaid hairstyle. A few soft waves and a delicate pearl barrette are all these bridesmaids need.

Side view of simple and elegant bridesmaid hairstyle with soft waves and pearl barrette
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Ribbon Headband

We love this look! It’s simple, elegant, and fun with a touch of whimsy. Create long loose curls, tuck your hair behind the ears, and tie a colorful ribbon into a headband and bow to achieve this look.

Woman wearing blue boho dress holding white flower with long curly hair and ribbon headband

Looped Side Ponytail

This bridesmaid hairdo is perfect for showcasing longer hair while keeping it out of the way of the face. To produce a neat finish, loop a basic side ponytail over itself once or twice, then wrap any elastics with a short portion of hair.


High Braided Buns

For a sophisticated and sassy hairstyle, wear your braids on top of your head in a high bun. This glam bridesmaid hairstyle is easy to do and will stay put all night, even when you’re busting a move on the dancefloor.

 3 bridesmaids wearing robes pose for pictures.
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Mix and Match

The hairstyles of the bridesmaids do not have to match. However, we recommend you provide some general suggestions, such as whether you prefer them to be up-dos, half-up, curled, to the side, etc.

Bride and bridesmaids wearing various hairstyles
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Side Bun

Sweep your hair to one side of your face into a low bun for a more romantic effect. If you’re not sure which side to choose, consult your hairstylist. They’ll provide you with their expert advice, so everyone looks their best.

2 bridesmaids wearing side buns
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Unique Knot

This is a more contemporary version of the classic chignon. We think this stylish bridesmaid hairstyle would be perfect for a minimalist wedding. This bridesmaid hairstyle is elegant and classy.

bridesmaid wearing a unique knot
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Your bridesmaids have earned the right to look as stunning as you on your wedding day. Getting your bridesmaids glammed up for your wedding will be a breeze with these bridesmaid hair ideas.