Asian wedding favors

Wedding favors are really important in a wedding and that’s why we try to browse for the most interesting ideas for you and models that you really need in order to make a general idea and see on what you can decide on. This time we’re going to present you some interesting models of Asian wedding favors and we’re sure that you’ll remain delighted after seeing these examples….

Asian wedding favors

Let’s cut to the chase and see some interesting models of Asian objects and details that can be used in order to delight your guests. So here’s our first example: small paper bags made of spicy colors. These small bags have a nice ribbon on one of their side and also this ribbon ends with a bow.
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In order to bring you with the idea of China and fortune cookies or something like that you may apply for placing a nice looking character from their alphabet and you can be sure that the effect is guaranteed. Fill these small bags with good looking sweets, bon bons and things like that and definitely your guests will be enchanted to receive such a gift!

Another example of Asian favor consists in those really great smelling sticks and these can be places in nice patterned boxes. Let’s also mention the fact that you can place the favor on a great looking fan and the result is definitely one that needs to be immortalized in a picture.

Asian wedding favors2

This kind of tiny object used as favor can be categorized as exclusivist, but think of it in this way: you can keep it as a memory from the wedding you just attended and it won’t be any problem if you don’t use it (just because you’re a man). So this time we suggest some small looking favors, really colored with golden metallic hardware and many symbols regarding the Asian world on the exterior side….

Asian wedding favors3

Also, we were mentioning a thing about a fan in the previous lines. Let’s continue in the same manner and leave behind all the elements…. Try using this fact as a wedding favor and why shouldn’t you do that, because it’s definitely a precise symbol of this culture….

Choose a really great looking fan, maybe made of a precious material or with nice looking patterns on it and simply place it on the table with the name of the guest and also your token of appreciation for his\her participation.

Asian wedding favors4

The last element we want to talk about is also really well known: the fortune cookie.

Asian wedding favors5

Of course, you won’t use a single fortune cookie as a wedding favor. Think of a really interesting looking container for your cookies, place them inside of it and also wrap around it some really colored ribbons. What more could you ask for?