Wedding favors hints

Wedding favors are an essential thing when it comes to wedding details and it’s definitely a thing that shouldn’t be absent from one’s wedding. The invited ones feel happy when they see that tiny object on their table and sometimes even in their plate. You can be certain that most of them will keep this as a present and will feel really happy to keep the object in a safe spot –and recollect all the happenings in your special ceremony.

So, we have here some favor hints that will definitely be useful in case you don’t know what products to apply for. There’s the classical image of wedding favors looking as sugared almonds. Well, most of the newlyweds use this, but it’s kind of old fashioned and not that cool anymore. Instead, we recommend you to use colored sweets like jelly beans, bon bons, coffee beans, truffles or even mints….

wedding favors hints

This will create a nice visual effect and it’s a delicious favor in the same time. You can place these sweet pieces into nice boxes or other details and you can be certain that your guests will be enchanted. Let’s not forget that throughout the time we presented you several suggestions related to this idea and we would feel really glad if you recollect these.
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Also, if you want to be special in what you do, you can apply for sweets in shape of hearts or something that reminds the guests of you two ( like a sweet and small portrait, this may cost extra money, but it’s quite a neat idea).

If you don’t like the idea of colored stuff and things like that you can choose the classical chocolate, with chocolate bars that have inscriptions of your names there.

So, these were some general ideas and suggestions…. Now, we’re going to speak about some generic things concerning wedding favors and these are more than useful, believe us!

In case you want to be romantic, we recommend you to definitely apply for one of these favor suggestions: something sweet in shape of a heart (cookies, chocolate, lollipops, candy and so on). Also, if you don’t want comestible things as wedding favors, then you can use some soaps in shape of a heart and you can personalize these as well.

Some spoons would be a wonderful idea when it comes to wedding favors and you can find these in shapes of heart. A stone would be also pretty great or some candles, all of these details in shapes of hearts –in case you want to be romantic, that is….