How to Preserve a Wedding Gown

wedding dress preservation

How to Preserve a Wedding Gown 

Are you considering having your wedding gown preserved? Many brides choose to have their gowns preserved because not only is it a cherished memento from a special day, but it may also become a family heirloom. Perhaps your daughter or granddaughter will wear it one day. Or, you may want to take it out when you’re 90 years old and just feel the fabric and savor all of the memories. Plus, most wedding gowns cost a fair amount and if you’ve already spent the money on your dream dress, you will no doubt want to make your dream last as long as possible through wedding gown preservation.

Read on to learn more about how to preserve a wedding gown.

Step One: Enjoy Your Day

On the wedding day itself, don’t let your wishes for preservation affect your ability to enjoy your special day. If your dress gets dirty, no problem. There are professional cleaning companies that can get just about any red wine stain, dirt streak, or unsightly blemish out of your dress so that it looks like new. So enjoy every second of your beautiful wedding and worry about preservation afterwards.

Step 2: Select a Company

After your thank you notes have been written and the gifts unwrapped and the honeymoon souvenirs put away, then you can go about selecting a company for preservation. While there are many such companies, BrideKare International and Wedding Gown Preservation Company are the oldest and most reputable. To find a company and price range that will work for you, spend some time doing online research, or talk to other newlyweds who can provide recommendations. You may also be able to browse bridal forums and social media sites to find further information.

Step 3: Figure out Pricing

Not all bridal gown preservation companies are created equally. You’ll want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting in terms of service, timeline and exactly what your money covers. To make sure that you get the best in the business, it can be helpful to contact the companies directly, either over the phone or through email, and ask your questions directly. Be sure to cover things like the process involved, the length of time it’s supposed to last, how long your dress will last afterward, and pricing and payment schedules.

Congratulations on your wedding and the best of luck to you as you and your new husband begin your lives together.