Ivory Bouquets – Why White is the New Black?

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Most people think of white bouquets for a person’s first wedding. White captures the newness and purity of the union. But those planning a second wedding or vow renewal often do not think of white as a good wedding color, due to its association with newness. However, white bouquets are starting to make a resurgence. If you are curious why ivory bouquets are an amazing choice for your own wedding, be that a first or second wedding or a vow renewal, read on.

Timeless Elegance

There are some rules and traditions that have been around as long as fashions have existed. If you are going out on the town, for example, a little black dress is almost an essential. When it is time for your wedding, regardless of whether that is your first, second or fifth wedding, go white. White wedding flowers are timeless. These traditionally beautiful blooms say that your love is rooted in tradition and will easily stand the test of time. If plain white is not your thing, a fashion trend that is becoming more and more     popular these days is to go with a color a shade or two off the pure color, such as a beautiful, antique-looking ivory. Using ivory instead of pure white allows you the freedom to do something timeless and elegant while still retaining the traditional look of the white weddings we all know and love.

Adding That Touch Of Class

If you are renewing your wedding vows or having a second wedding and want that touch of class but feel like pure white flowers are not for you, do not despair. Ivory flowers lack some of the associations that pure white blossoms have. They are not so readily associated with innocence, newness and the purity of first love. However, they will still give you that elegance that your wedding needs in a way that few other colors really can, while still being warmer and friendlier than the classic white.
White flowers are a wedding staple. They are a classic, elegant, traditional color that goes with nearly every design imaginable. However, some couples do not want the associations with purity and innocence that classic white flowers provide. For these couples, ivory is a good choice. It is a few shades off of pure white, which means it is different from the norm while still maintaining that spark of tradition. Flowers for everyone has a wide variety of ivory flowers for your wedding bouquet, so if you are planning a wedding, turn to them and go with ivory flowers. You will not regret it.