Rustic bouquets

Being different from others isn’t a hard thing to realize and this is how we thought it would be interesting to present you such details that make you different from others. So, in case you have no idea of what we’re talking of let’s mention that you’re going to read about some rustic bouquets that are really great looking in the same time and we’re sure that you haven’t met them in many other weddings.

So, we start with our first suggestion of such bouquet and we’re speaking about one that is made in yellow and with other details that make it more interesting.

rustic bouquets

So, there are used yellow flowers together with some white flowers here and there, a neat looking flower in the middle and some other plants that look like branches here and there. You can recollect all these flowers in a nice looking bouquet and wrap around it a nice looking ribbon with different patterns on. This is a great combination and we’re sure that this particular bouquet can’t be compared to anything that you’ve ever seen before.

Here’s another great looking rustic wedding bouquet that is made in warm tones and that we’re sure you’re going to appreciate reading about in the same time. This one is made in yellow and orange and there are combined different garden flowers together with some branches with flowers on them. Indeed, a nice combination and really great looking in the same time. Wrap around this bouquet a yellow ribbon and you can declare this bouquet complete and great looking in the same time.

rustic bouquets 2

Here’s how we continue with our examples of rustic bouquets and we’ve got another great looking one that combines flowers that denote elegance with some other ones that are really ordinary and can be found everywhere, in all the spots possible. There are calla used as well as sauvage flowers and all these elements go really nice together and this particular wedding bouquet looks special in comparison with others. You can make this one more special if you apply to use a shiny ribbon around the flowers’ strains.

rustic bouquets 3

Another great idea would consist of a bouquet that is made of small flowers, small and white flowers and that have at their basis some big leaves. The visual effect is definitely super interesting and let’s also mention that you could make this bouquet look more special with the help of the ribbon that you place around the flowers’ strains: you can apply for placing a red ribbon and fix it with small pearls, which are really great looking in the same time.