Short flower arrangements

Tired of seeing the same flower arrangements all around you and in all the weddings you attended? Well, the situation is going to change from now on, because we have to share with you some interesting examples that need to be taken into account in case you want to confer the bouquet a special air and look.

The first suggestion with which we want to start our review consists of a small and yellow wedding bouquet that is composed of callas and different other small flowers with reduced in dimensions buds. Indeed, it’s an interesting bouquet, really short in the same time which is composed of various types of flowers that seem to cope so nice together. You can cut their strains really short in order to have only a touch of color on you.

short flower arrangements

The other short flower arrangement that we recommend to you consists of a white bridal bouquet that has a touch of black here and there in it. For instance, there’s the middle side of the flower that is in a darker tone and all around the flower arrangement there are used some other small flowers which have reduced dimensions as well. Indeed, a gorgeous combination. If you wrap around this bouquet a black ribbon and add some white pearls then it’s going to be for sure a nice combination of details and elements as well as the perfect flower arrangement to be carried around in the big day.

short flower arrangements 2

There’s the other example that we wanted to share with you and which is also a great starting point…. We’re speaking about a small and white wedding bouquet that is made of white flowers with big buds and there are other flowers attached here and there between the big and white buds, flowers which are small and pretty colored. Indeed, another interesting combination of details, which ends up being placed in the category of short wedding flowers.

short flower arrangements 3

Short flower arrangements again…. And this time we continue with another bridal bouquet that is realized in a gorgeous manner and it has interesting details about it. We’re speaking about a bouquet that is made of roses, callas, and some other flowers. It’s indeed a gorgeous combination of colors that looks really fine in the same time.

short flower arrangements 4

You can observe around the strains the white ribbon, which is attached in such a manner that you end up with a unitary arrangement that looks fine in the same time and it’s really interesting to be taken into account.
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In the future time we’re going to share some other suggestions with you and maybe you’re going to see the appropriate one for you as well.