The spherical bouquet 2

Here’s another recollection of spherical bouquets and these are meant only to be helpful for you. We hope that the first four examples delighted you, because that’s the effect we want and also to take them into consideration in your wedding day.

the spherical bouquet 2

We start our list with a white bouquet made entirely of chrysanthemum flowers. These flowers are united together into forming a great sphere that looks puffy. Let’s also mention that in the middle of every flower bud there is a white and shiny pearl placed and that it offers an extra effect to this great looking globe of flowers. Another thing that’s great about this bouquet is the contrast you can create with a ribbon, more specifically in black color that takes the role of the handle. We hope that this example seemed as interesting to you as it seemed to us….
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We continue our list with a bouquet that recollects only colorful flowers…. There are yellow and white daisies, pink roses and some other flowers that come and complete the palette of colors. The spherical bouquet is tied with a blue ribbon with the help of which you hold the bouquet in your hands. This bouquet will serve marvelously as an accessory for the maids of honor and you can be sure that it will match in color with all of their dresses.

the spherical bouquet 22

The next example is entirely purple, meaning that it is made only of purple flowers.

You can pick any species of flowers you like and realize a flower ball with not problems. This spherical bouquet is tied with a shiny blue ribbon and you can add some colored feathers next to this tiny detail. All in all it’s a delightful combination and we really enjoy the visual and chromatic effect.

the spherical bouquet 23

Our last example regards pink-white flowers, no matter what species that are gathered together in a marvelous looking decoration. Between the flower buds here and there you can see some pearls placed and let’s also mention that it hangs into a pearl bracelet, which is white like the details used in the rest of this bouquet. This accessory can be used both by the brides of honor and the bride too. It looks precious and really interesting and it will certainly fit with a white wedding dress or a pink dress serving as the maid of honor’s gown.

the spherical bouquet 24

And the list can continue and it will continue in our future topic, because we’ve got other four examples and models of great looking spherical bouquets that will certainly be interesting for you and you may adopt one of all the models we’ve presented. Good luck in organizing all the details regarding this marvelous ceremony and as you can see we provide all the information possible regarding a marvelous wedding.