The Top 20 Wedding Bouquets


Every bride deserves to have a unique wedding to make her stand out from the rest. One of the prettiest parts of a wedding ceremony is the flowers carried by the bride and her bridesmaids. There are quite a few different styles of bouquets, and each one is appropriate for a different type of wedding. The following are Top 20 Wedding Bouquets from Reids Wedding Flowers in Belfast:

1-The hand-tied bouquets.

They are commonly seen on summer weddings taking place outdoor. They have taken their inspiration from nature. It’s a simple bouquet that ties the flower blooms altogether. Flowers are often tied either by a bow or a ribbon. They suit either in a formal or an informal wedding.

2-Cascade bouquets.

They possess an outstanding representation. The cascade bouquet is larger than some kinds of bouquets. Selecting a cascade bouquet must consider whether it matches the colour and the size of the dress you are wearing. Although it is outstanding, it wouldn’t be much of a compliment if it wouldn’t go well with your dress.

3-Over arm bouquet.

They have a simple appearance but is consist of a striking design that is suitable for any wedding. This kind of bouquet is often made up of long-stemmed flowers like calla lilies, orchids, and roses. Flowers are sometimes wrapped together with the use of a ribbon.

4-Posy bouquet.

It is composed of smaller flowers. This is often intended for bridesmaids and flower girls. Some flowers used for this kind of bouquet are baby’s breath, lily of the valley, and spray roses.

5-Round flower.

This wedding bouquet is often used for bridal flowers. This bouquet has a similar characteristic with the posy. It goes in large size as well. This kind of bouquet is also ideal for both formal and casual wedding.

6- Nosegay.

This is the perfectly round arrangement of flowers and is especially favoured by brides who like roses. This classic style is appropriate for any style of wedding except the most casual ones.

7- Posy Bouquet

They are similar to nosegays in shape but are smaller. They are lovely for petite brides who might be overwhelmed by the size of a larger bouquet. Due to their small size, poses are best when made with dainty flowers, such as lilies-of-the-valley. Sweet and romantic, they have an old-fashioned charm.

8-Colorful shower shaped bouquet.

The shower shaped bouquet goes along with your wedding dress, like a part of the dress itself, no matter how classic, out of date, and mommy-looking your conventional dress is, this wedding bouquet can be your wedding fashion saviour.

9-Artificial Wedding Bouquets.

This type of bouquet is often less expensive than natural flowers. Of course, it depends on the type of flowers, but natural flowers can be quite expensive, especially if those flowers are in demand of it it’s an off season for such flowers.

10- Biedermeier Bouquet.

This type of bridal bouquet creates an alternating shade of flower layers within a firm pattern. The florists can use any variety of flowers in this bouquet, other floral arrangements, and centrepieces. The most popular combinations of calla lilies include white with red roses at the bottom, purple with lily-of-the-valley, and orange with banksias.

11- Cascading Bouquet.

This calla lily wedding bouquet is rounded on the top layer, and then gradually flows downward. If you want to have a more formal finish to your bouquet, use only one colour of and then add shrubbery to the arrangement.

12-bouquet of roses.

The fun thing about roses is that they come in a variety of colours and are great for a romantic indoor ceremony or a beautiful garden wedding. So, if red roses aren’t your thing, you may consider a bouquet of bright fuchsia or peach roses to make that elegant, yet summary statement you might be looking for.

13.Hydrangeas Bouquet.

If you are having a beautiful summer ceremony on the ninth green or a front lawn ceremony overlooking the ocean, hydrangeas would not only make for a perfect bouquet, but would also add to the romance of the setting. These flowers also come in different shades of blue and green, which are hard floral colours to come by.

14-Gerbera Daisies Bouquet.

If you have carefree and casual summer nuptials, then some bright and cheerful gerbera daisies are just the right bouquets for you. This type of daisy comes in a variety of bright colours such as orange, fuchsia, and yellow, and they look great with any bright coloured or brown bridesmaids dress, as well as, your beautiful white bridal gown.

  1. Lilies.

If your wedding is going to take place barefoot and on the beach, you should consider playing with the non-floral options that are available to add to any bouquet such as shells and pearls, or you can keep with the simplicity or a beach wedding by sticking with a bouquet of white lilies. Lilies are a simple, but elegant flower that will add to the carefree tone you are trying to set for your big day.

  1. Purple orchids Bouquets.

If you are trying to set the vibe for a trendy, city affair, you may want to consider using purple orchids in your bouquet. Orchids are a gorgeous flower that will add elegance to your gown, but still help you pull off that chic, night-club appeal you may be going for.

17-silk wedding bouquets.

They are the best types of bouquets to be used during your wedding ceremony, then read along.

18-Fresh Flower Bouquets.

Nowadays, many people have their wedding ceremonies outdoors. Fresh flower bouquets tend to wilt if they are not exposed to ideal weather conditions. Even on the loveliest days, these bouquets still have flaws because they will only last a certain period out of refrigeration and water before the flower arrangement loses its shape, colour, and radiance.

19-Tulip Wedding Bouquets.

Tulips are simple, beautiful, ornamental trumpet-shaped flowers that are not toxic in any way and come in a variety of wonderful colours in particular red, orange, white, yellow, pink, mauve and purple. Some are mildly scented although most are without any scent whatsoever.

20- Breakaway Bouquets.

Just before the toss, the bride will separate the breakaway bouquet into the individual ones and throw those over her shoulder. This way, more than one single women will receive the bouquets.