Champagne and weddings

Champagne? Seems really easy to taste and very hard to choose. You have to think of the menu, the guests and the quantity as well as the criteria of each type of champagne.

It’s hard to decide on a particular type of champagne and you have to dedicate a few weeks in order to make up your mind on the appropriate type of drink. We wanted to eliminate these difficulties and mess and we decided to offer you some pieces of advice in order to take the best decision and to make the right choice.

Search for the champagne that has the most pronounced acidity, preferable made of fruits and as serene as possible.

Champagne with a medium effervescence level can be served fresh as an appetizer. We think that it’s as appropriate as this one if you drink it from an ice bucket top quality, worked in a level of equilibrium like the drink in itself.
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For sauces, appreciate the mineralizing and freshness of white champagne. For barbeque you can apply for points that are offered by champagne, which is white, toning and dry.

For white meat a rich champagne pinot noir seems to be a good option due to its elements which are very well tied together.

In case of the red meats or the hunted meat, the aroma of the champagne remains in your moth longer and the well crystallized wines seem a good option as well. It’s ideal if your finances permit you to choose older champagne around the years of 1990.

We think that deserts are appropriate to be served with red champagne that contrary to what you have been told it doesn’t give headaches.

Also, it’s preferable that you choose a fine and elegant champagne, which isn’t that sweet. The deserts with fruits or the ice creams are great with red champagne, sweet a little bit or not that dry.

The chocolate deserts ask for champagne that has high acidity and it isn’t that sweet.

So, make sure that the champagne for which you apply for is really effective and that it has a gorgeous taste as well as the price that you pay for it is in perfect coordination with its quality. Make sure that you combine the champagne with quality food and that you please your guests with top quality stuff. We’re certain that you’re going to end up with a good combination between the menu and all the details on your tables and menu….