Guide for the bridesmaids

Admit it or not, weddings are related to all sorts of superstitions and traditions. Even if nowadays the bride and the groom do not strictly comply with traditions, they still respect a small part of what used to be a wedding ritual. Thus, little of us know that the bridesmaids were some richly dressed women who surrounded the bride, in order to banish the evil spirits. But, the era that we live in these days “prohibits” the acceptance of these out-of-style rituals.

If one doesn’t know what the duties of the bridesmaids are, here is a guide meant to help both the bride and her bridesmaids:

As you may have guessed it, the first task is finding a right dress. Bridesmaids’ dresses must be purchased at or shortly after you have decided on a wedding dress design but also your wedding theme. Plus, it is a must that the bridesmaid dress matches the theme of the wedding. In terms of the colour it could be just about anything, but if you have a special theme in mind, for example a romantic theme their dress could be in a Venetian style, something like a vintage dress.

Find the appropriate accessories! The bride must discuss with her bridesmaids and together pick whatever suits them best, in order to complete their look.Therefore, the bridesmaids’ shoes must have the same colour, and they must be very elegant. As far as the jewellery is concerned, they may choose whatever they like as long as it suits their outfit.

The bridesmaids also have to plan the bachelorette party. Also, they should try to surprise the bride, i.e. to organize a surprise-party. There are so many good ideas, concerning this issue: for instance, a girls’ night out gives the bride the opportunity to “catch a breath” and to detach for a while from the wedding stress. Or, you could stay home, listen to music, dance, watch romantic movies, and so on. Whatever crosses your mind is great, you know the bride best and you know what would please her the most.

Therefore, assume your important role and be there for your sister, cousin or friend! Remember that no matter what hardship you may encounter, you must solve it without the bride’s help, who must relax on her wedding day.