Anna Vasily: The Perfect Wedding Present

The perfect wedding present for our friends and loved ones don’t just fall into our laps. Sometimes it takes a bit of sifting and good advice to stumble across the most unique, most memorable, and most lasting of gifts. Thankfully, there’s some “magic in the making” when you choose to go with an AnnaVasily piece.

When the newlyweds come back home and start unwrapping, don’t you want your choice to be a showstopper? Don’t you want to wow them? Don’t you want to offer up something that will make a permanent home in their lives? Well, we’ve got you covered because that’s exactly what the right kind of designer dinner set will do.

Who is Anna Vasily?

Before we dive into the gift ideas, let’s learn a bit about AnnaVasily and the story behind the name. And it’s a love story, one of our favorite kinds:

“They have been together since they were 18 years old. One day Anna decided to discover glass, so she moved to a small village in the South of France called Tournon, at the banks of the river Rhone. Living there for two years, she learned the art of silver coating, glass engraving and the secrets of the Venetian mirror making.

Vasily was living in Boston where he was studying Art History and Philosophy. He already had his Masters’ degree in Byzantine glass. They got married in Cambridge’s Town Hall on a sunny day in August. They stayed four years in the US, attending seminars on glass and traveling around the continent. That was the 80’s….

2017 is the year she launched her AnnaVasily brand, starting in Australia. Her unique gift is giving you ideas on how to enhance the way you feel about your home and yourself. With her partner Vasily, they have traveled to 84 countries. They have two kids, Margarita and Nick, a dog Collin, and a blind cat named Scrabby.” Read more about how it all began here.

Designer Dinner Sets

What’s so special about an AnnaVasily design is the love behind it. Everything is crafted with the utmost quality and passion. From the bronze alloys to the glass, it’s all meticulously handcrafted and made with a lot of heart behind those details. And these pieces can be found in some of the world’s most demanding high volume hotel operations as well as homes around the globe – because they are sturdy, durable, withstand the test of time, made with color free of lead and cadmium, and accented with gorgeous embellishments.

Give a gift that will continue to give throughout the entirety of the newlyweds’ lives. Holidays and entertaining just got so much more beautiful and wow-worthy with any of the options on the site. But, we decided to feature some of our favorites below to get your wheels turning. Let’s have a peek, shall we?

7 Sets That Make The Perfect Wedding Presents


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  • $209
  • Square Charger Plate, Set of 4
  • Artistic

This gorgeous, brushed square plate is the perfect way to top off your dinner party. With a slightly raised rim and dripped in a pearly white foundation – the jade green accents pop right out, offering up a romantic and girlishly charming finished look.

These can easily be used for appetizers, salads, and other small plates to really pack a punch at your holiday, bridal bruncheon, or weekend dinner with the in-laws. It’s one of those plate designs that will really mesh well with any kind of scheme in the dining room as well – modern, industrial, or even a bit more on the trendier side.


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  • $159
  • Round Side Plate, Set of 6
  • Elegant

Made with desserts in mind, this navy blue beauty will highlight that last course with modern elegance and sophistication. The Venetian Filigree pattern really elevates what we’re used to seeing as a simple, monochromatic design on the table. Even our bread would look a bit better when buttered up next to this bad boy.

Whether you’d like to mix and match this design with other neutral tones or want it to stand alone, it’s a versatile piece that still packs a mighty punch. It also comes in a few other shades if you think a lighter tone may strike your fancy more.


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  • $199
  • Dessert Heart Plate, Set of 4
  • Unique

For those on the hunt for something especially charming and unique, the “Aela” plate fits that description quite perfectly. Filled with romance and a delicious color combination of light blue dawn and swatches of cream, you’ll fall in love – at first sight – just like its description states.

A slice of champagne cake or meringue would look so beautiful adorning this heart-shaped design. And this style also comes in a soft shell pink!


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  • $159
  • Dessert Plate, Set of 2
  • Floral

We found another beautiful way to serve up those desserts or side dishes and that’s with the stunning “Rona.” Accented with floral embellishments and dipped in a soft shell pink tone, it’ll be a staple in the China cabinet for years to come.

The Vivace design adds a touch of springtime cheer to the plate making it a light and bright way to offer the goods after the main course has been served. Coming in a set of two, it too makes a perfect wedding gift.


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  • $139
  • Wavy Dinner Plate, Set of 2
  • Artistic

Add some extra charm and unique appeal to the dinner table with this wavy, gold design. If you’re looking to make dinnertime an artistic experience – as well as a delicious one – the “Alexa” won’t fail you.

It’s got a splash of retro vibes thanks to its Sixties pattern and the matte gold finish adds a royal flair. Again, this piece would be fun to mix and match with simpler designs – or you can snag at least two sets of two to complete a spread for a smaller table.


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  • $149
  • Frame Charger Plate, Set of 2
  • Floral

The hunt could be for something a bit more subtle and traditional in spirits and that’s where the “Mila” can really make the job easier. Used as both a beautiful display and as a means to serve up pasta dishes or desserts in a family-friendly way, the gorgeous floral-inspired embellishments will always create the right kind of scene.

Coming in a variety of neutral shades, it’s a plate that will fit right into someone’s current set or be the first step in creating something brand new. Versatile and made to be used for years to come, it’s another perfect wedding gift to think about.


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  • $239
  • Designer Dinner Plate, Set of 4
  • Exotic

With a bit of sensuality and exotic vibes, these blue “Vossi” dinner plates will certainly ignite some romance come the evening. Whether it’s date night or a way to impress your guests, the deep blue night and the matte gold color combination will have the dining room table on fire with style.

This is a plate that you can have fun getting really creative with in terms of food presentation. But, it looks equally as intriguing and artful inside the China cabinet or on display as well.