How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gift

Choose the perfect wedding gift.

Choose the perfect wedding gift.

Unless the bride and groom have signed up to a gift registry, or else asked for something specific – such as travel vouchers to put toward their honeymoon – picking a wedding gift can be a difficult task. With high street stores and online boutiques offering such a huge array of gift ideas, how can you select a wedding gift that will be loved and treasured, rather than returned or placed into storage?

To ensure that your choice is a hit, consider these perfect wedding gift ideas.

Something for the Big Day

Planning a wedding day can be incredibly stressful, so why not buy a gift that will help to make their big day even more special. Whether you give beforehand or surprise the couple on their wedding day, something this thoughtful is bound to be appreciated. You could buy instant print cameras, create a time capsule where guests can write personalised messages, or offer your services by making their wedding cake.

Make a Personalised Purchase

One of the best ways to buy a gift that will be appreciated is to go for a personalised item. There are so many great options to choose from, so you can find a fantastic personalised gift perfect for any couple. Select from custom prints and art work, to personalised wine bottles and mugs, and engraved keep sake boxes and cheese boards. Alternatively, if you are creative and enjoy craft work, you could make a DIY wedding gift.

Help Them Make Memories

One of the best ways to ensure that the couple will love their wedding gift, is to tailor it to their interests. If you know what they enjoy doing, purchase a gift that will create newlywed memories. Are they huge film buffs? Buy yearly cinema passes. Do they love art and history? Go for a museum membership. Are they food lovers? Opt for a restaurant gift card. Or do they enjoy dancing? Then book them some classes. The possibilities here are endless.

Buy An Every Day Item

Rather than buying something that is wedding orientated, you could consider a wedding gift that is more practical and will be used by the couple every day. If they have recently moved house, are saving for their first home, or in the middle of decorating, you could buy luxury lighting, a dining set, or cushions and bedding. Or, if you are unsure of their tastes, play it safe and buy a gift card for their favourite furnishings store.