The wedding post or gift box

Here’s another detail we’ve forgotten to mention up to now: the wedding gift or post box. This accessory can be made depending on the theme of the wedding and can have several shapes or details. In the topics to come we’re going to present you several models that may seem interesting for you! In this object the guests will come and they will place their greeting cards there and also different valuable things as gifts….

the wedding post or gift box

We start with a big gift box made of several boxes cut and glued together. The basic box is the biggest of them all and it is in round shape. The upper box is cubic and it is continued with another cylindrical one and so on…. These boxes are made in red and black colors and cope really great together. The basic box can have a ribbon placed around it and that ribbon ends with a bow.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The hole in which the guests place their cards is quite big and can be encountered on the second layer on the cubic box. The last box has a cylindrical form and it has some nice details on it. You can place some flowers there, because now it’s the season and you’re going to have a spring theme, isn’t it.

the wedding post or gift box2

We continue with another nice model of gift box, which takes shape of a real gift box with the well known ribbons! In the middle of the box there isn’t a bow as you imagine, it’s a rose bouquet! The basic color of the box is a faded green and the ribbons are shiny and dark green. The flower bouquet is made of pink and white roses, which look great together placed on the big box. The hole in which the cards are placed can be found on the top side of the box and it’s quite spacious…. The chromatic combination can be various and really diversified, depending on the wedding theme and the couple’s tastes!

the wedding post or gift box3

The next idea regards a cage made of nice metallic models. The cage can easily take the shape and role of a gift box. On the top you can put a nicely colored ribbon and next to it you may also put a nice bouquet that matches with the bride’s accessory! You can find really easily such a cage; just make sure that it has beautiful ornaments and details on it….

the wedding post or gift box4

The next example regards a vintage gift box. It has a cylindrical shape and it has nice details in black and white on the cover and on the exterior side. Around the margin of the box you can find a shiny white ribbon and the top cover there’s also bow made of a white ribbon and with some pieces of jewelry to make the aspect more vintage! The hole in which you can place the cards is on one side of the box and it won’t be even noticed, because you think that’s the model of the accessory!