Some other fairy tale gowns

Today we decided to present to you some other great looking models of wedding dresses and we’ll recommend you some accessories too if it’s needed. We’re waiting for your feedback and what you want to find out more….

some other fairy tale gowns

We start with a marvelous dress made of lace and tulle and on the bodice there are some fine crystal applications. The dress has spaghetti straps and a long trail really puffy like the rest of the down side of the dress.
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We recommend you to wear a simple necklace with a bracelet and a ring, all should match. You needn’t wear earrings and let’s also mention that these can be a little sparkly in coordination with the embroideries existent on the dress.

You should wear a Biedermeier bouquet made of ivory roses and the image is complete.

We continue with another nice model of dress it’s made entirely of tulle and it’s type corsage in the upper side (no sleeves) and on the down side it’s like a puffy skirt. This dress can be placed into the fairy tale category of models. Let’s also mention that on the bodice there are nice embroideries with stone applications, which form parallel lines and go really well on the dress.

some other fairy tale gowns2

We recommend a nice looking necklace, maybe in a complementary color or contrasting and that’s about all regarding the pieces of jewelry.

Another great looking model of dress should be this one…. It’s made in corsage type in the upper side, with embroideries and it’s really tight on the body and on the down side it’s puffy and it has a combination of fabrics, like lace and silk. The bodice is made with nice embroideries on it and the down side is also with embroideries and with nice waves made of the silk fabric.

some other fairy tale gowns3

With this dress we recommend you wearing a sparkling necklace at the bottom of the neck….

We end with a magnificent looking dress. On the upper side there’s the bodice with the corsage really tied on the body. The entire upper side is made of fine embroideries (lace and tulle) and these look marvelous. The inferior side is made under the shape of a really puffed skirt, and it is really puffed and it’s made of tulle. This model looks enchanting from our point of view but also the one that decides to wear it will encounter so many problems, because it will be really hard to walk in it….

some other fairy tale gowns4

We advice you to wear a fine looking necklace, made of chain with thin chains or lines and that’s about it when it comes to jewelry.

The bouquet is definitely Biedermeier with nice looking flowers and maybe some details that remember us of the dress….

In the future topics there are going to be some other models that will certainly enchant your eyes and maybe you’ll get inspired by them and create your own model for your wedding day.