Evening gowns for the mother of the bride

You’re a bride, you’ve decided what to wear in your wedding day – in fact, you found the perfect wedding gown and now it only remains to try finding the appropriate pieces of clothing and outfit for your mother.

There are several evening gowns for which you can apply for and you can browse for them together with your mother. Indeed, it’s kind of hard to find something that can suit mothers – this isn’t because their body dimensions because nowadays everything is possible and you can find clothes that are appropriate for every body portions. It’s the fact that your mother can have totally different views when it comes to fashion and you’re not going to.

evening gowns for the mother of the bride

In this case you can take into account applying for several styles, which are varied and can be taken into account by every type of body shapes and configurations. Good luck in choosing the appropriate evening gown together with your mother and in order to give you a helping hand we thought it would be a really nice idea to share some examples of evening gowns with you….
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In case your mother is into classical styles and clothing we have a suggestion of a black evening gown, sleeveless and made on the body. This one has a boat neckline and it’s without sleeves. The waist line is well delimited through the cut and knit near the waist line and we’re certain that your mother is going to look absolutely stunning in it. As for the accessories: we were thinking of a necklace made of chains with interesting details on it and let’s also add that there’s the pair of high heel sandals in black that are going to suit totally in this outfit.

For those mothers who want to dare and look special we were thinking to suggest a blue evening gown that is certainly delicious looking and it’s going to make your mother look really different in comparison with the others attending the reception and the wedding – after all, she’s the mother of the bride.

This blue evening gown is made on the body, with nice lines to highlight the body shapes, the waist line and the thighs. It has a boat neckline and short sleeves and it has also some interesting lines on the surface.

evening gowns for the mother of the bride 2

The accessories and other details? Definitely a pair of high heeled boots in black, because it’s going to seem really appropriate to be used with this daring tone of blue and of course a black purse to make the outfit complete.

As long as you discuss with your mother and you end up with a conclusion in what matters her expectations and what she intends on wearing then you’re going to end up with a really good solution.