Sexy and trendy groom suits 2

We have previously mentioned the fact that groom suits are really trendy these days. But there is such a diversity of types of suits out there that we think it is about time you give up on your classical or conservative ideas in favor of the more modern ones that will speak out your courage and good taste, at the same time.
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Let us focus on some examples of trendy suits. And the first we put in the spotlight is this white groom suit that is combined with a nice looking animal print shirt. The large image exposes this white jacket that has two pocket details on both sides. The aspect of the jacket is enriched by two white buttons and an elegant V neckline.

sexy and trendy Groom suits 2

The beauty of this groom suit image consists in the fact that underneath the jacket the groom wears an animal print shirt. The pants feature a classical line and they fall very neatly on the shoes. They seem comfortable while keeping the elegance level high. Now about the shoes… well, it would have been boring if they were white too, wouldn’t it? But a combination of black and white fits the big picture perfectly.
So, we continue our list of examples with a printed satin suit.

sexy and trendy Groom suits 2 2

So, this one is composed of three essential parts: the nice looking pants, the jacket and the elegant suit. This time, the color combination is somewhat darker, but it matches a formal wedding very well. The most interesting part of this suit is the fact that the line of the shirt creates the illusion of a tie, and this takes a little from the soberness of the suit. However, the visual effect is created by the print which takes one thought to high class rich men.

sexy and trendy Groom suits 2 3

Similar to the previous example comes this very interesting groom suit, which is none less than a symbol of elegance and refinement, at the same time. However, this one is entirely white and all its components and even the motifs of the shirt are embroidered in white fabric.

To resume, the suit consists in a pair of classical white pants, cut straight and with a great amount of attention. The jacket features the same V neckline and the front pockets complete its aspect. Less is more, and when it comes to weddings this rule should be respect thoroughly. The groom who adopts a simple outfit is always appreciated for his good taste.