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Why All Engaged Couples Need Personal Wedding Websites

free wedding website

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Why A Wedding Website?

Ringgg…ringggg, “What are the directions to the church?” Ringgg… ringgg, “When is the bridal shower?” Ring Ring “Did you get our RSVP?” Dealing with the stress and time consumption of planning a wedding is hard enough, having 1000 phone calls per week can just take the fun out of it altogether. You need a personal wedding site. Think of it as your own personal assistant. Wedding websites allow you, as a couple, to share all the details of your wedding with friends and family no matter where they live.

Wedding websites come in all shapes and sizes, literally. You, or a talented friend, could design your own personal wedding website. Another option is to use a free online service which usually offer the ability to post one photo, some important dates and how you met. You could upgrade to a paid service which frequently offers the most features for a wedding website, some even give you your own personal web address, your own .com!

One important feature of wedding websites is of course photos. Remember, the friends and family of your fiancé may hardly know who you are, they will love seeing photos of you both. You can post photos from when you were little tikes right up to your engagement photos. Other great features you can make use of are:

Top Wedding Websites Features

Interactive Guestbook

Let your visitors leave their best wishes for you and your fiancée. Entries can be added in real-time with some services so that you can see who has visited your site and left comments. This is usually accomplished when a site builder has a blog and commenting system.

Offer Directions

Setup a page on your wedding website to outline all the events and gatherings prior to your wedding. You can provide directions to your events and you could even upload maps or provide links to an online map service to assure no one gets lost.

Who is in your Wedding party?

Everyone always wants to know who you have selected to be in your wedding party. Create a special page just for them; include bios’ photos’ stories and more.

Link to Gift Registries

Letting people know where you are registered can sometimes be awkward since wedding etiquette claims listing your gift registry on a wedding invitation is a no-no. Adding this information to your site makes for a great way to let everyone know where you are registered.

Offer Online RSVP

Save time, money and stress by allowing guests to RSVP right on your own site. Most services offer this feature and will send you an e-mail immediately when someone RSVP’s. You can also login to your site to the saved RSVP’s to keep track of who has and hasn’t responded.

Flash intros & Background Music

Impress your friends and family with a professional looking website complete with Flash animated introductions and background music. You can find some of these files for free online if you are creating your own site, and some paid services also offer excellent selections of templates, intros and background music.

Personal Stories

Share the romantic way in which your proposal transpired. Share your personal story on how you met your fiancée and vice versa. Everyone will love the details and putting this information online will make a great read for friends and family.

Password Protection

Password protection is a great way to keep prying eyes from sensitive information. It is smart to protect your website if there is anyone you would rather not be a part of your big day.


Your wedding site is not only useful to your guests, but very valuable to those loved ones who cannot make it to the wedding. Maybe you have family or friends overseas who cannot attend, a website will allow them to feel a part of your plans and your big day. It also offers them an additional way to communicate with you.

Using a full featured wedding website will really help organize and relieve some of the stress of your wedding planning. Family and friends can now just visit your website to get the details on all your events, registries and more. You can easily include your web address with your wedding invitations to get the word out. Plus, having your own site is most impressive!

After the Wedding?

Wedding sites are not only great to announce your wedding and provide details about what is coming up, but they are just as important to provide information and photos after your wedding. You know everyone is waiting for you to bring your wedding album over so why make them wait? Simply upload some photos online and let them enjoy sooner rather than later. You can also update your website with honeymoon photos and comments; everyone will love to hear about your trip. A great way to remind people to visit your site after the wedding is to print your web address on your favors, or to print it on your thank you cards. Wedding websites…the personal assistant for every busy bride.

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