Long bridal earrings

If you want to be a classic bride, with an ample wedding dress and with your hair placed in a loop then you definitely need a pair of long earrings. Especially, if you have oval shaped face they’re suitable! In addition the long earrings are really fashionable in this season.

long bridal earrings

Once you’ve deiced that you want a pair of long earrings it’s not difficult to make a choice. You’re going to find numerous models on the market so you have where to pick from.

There are some details that you have to take into account: like the color of the wedding dress, the style, the cleavage, and the colors in the wedding bouquet and last, but not least is the type of wedding jewelry that you decide to wear. You want a pair of earrings that are charged or something simpler, the only thing is to decide what exactly you like and want to wear….
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You’re going to be able to find so many models that all are going to seem really delicious to you. From earrings in shape of hearts, to earrings that have rhomb shape or triangular or even those that look like leafs or have shapes of flowers….

long bridal earrings 2

It would be ideal to search for a set with necklace and earrings that are suitable with the wedding dress or at least do in such a manner that the motif of the earrings is encountered in the necklace or the bracelet. If you can’t in this way, then you can try with the material they’re made of and at least this aspect should be encountered in these pieces.

You can opt for delicate pieces of jewelry, eventually with a precious stone or you can opt for a necklace with precious stone, in the case in which you have too many stones for the necklace and for the earrings.

Mainly, it’s preferable that in the case in which you’ve chosen charged earrings to apply for a necklace that looks simpler and the other way around. It surely depends on the cleavage that your wedding dress has, so if you’re going to have a very deep cleavage then you can opt for opulent pieces of jewelry.

long bridal earrings 3

In what concerns the length you can opt for medium sized earrings, which means earrings that are some centimeters lower than the ear lobe, more discrete and less sophisticated or you can even apply for a pair of earrings that go down to the shoulders and they’re long, but not too charged.

Make sure that they’re not that hard to wear because you risk an ear ache and in some moment you’re going to be obliged to let them out.