Sparkling rings for parties

Every girl and woman has at least one ring in her accessory box, but let`s see what kind of rings are going to be worn in this year and maybe you`ll improve your jewelry case with new models and play with colors cause that`s the designers` advice: play with colors!

Violet is a good variant to place on a ring, it looks really gorgeous on a ring and if it`s mixed with other great colors it looks much more finer! A suggestion is to wear a ring that has as a detail a big, big flower! It can be a daisy or any other flower, make sure it`s big! When you buy a ring that it`s accessorized with a flower make sure it has a nice model and that the violet you`ve already chosen for the principal color is mixed with accordingly colors, such as light blue, gold, orange, silver or red!

You can have the ring in a silvery nuance or in a golden one! The flower needs to cover the finger you wear and to catch attention! Another flower that can be used on an ring is the rose, it can be in a scarlet red, pink or any other color you like, you can mix golden with silver, it`s permitted! Make sure the accessories of the rings are glossy and shiny!

Another variant is to use big accessories for the rings in different geometrical colors and colors! You can have a big violet marble on the ring, and the side surrounding this big marble to be accessorized with little stones in a green nuance or silver! The ring can be entirely golden or silver; it depends on your tastes!

A square can be a perfect accessory for your ring, it can be made out of a big stone, be it precious or not, it can be transparent, in any color you like, it can have models inside, and so on…. it`s important that these types of rings are adorned with all kinds of stones in different colors and placed in different models, such as butterflies, flowers, hearts or in an discontinuous shape!

You can also buy yourself a ring that has a big stone or motif made out of little stones in different shapes and forms!

As you can see, there is a tendency for glittery and glamorous rings with precious stones! But not all of us have enough money to buy rings with the multitude of precious stones, so we must apply for those rings that are really glossy and sparkling and are made of fake stones! It`s not a bag idea at all, after all these rings aren`t warn all day long!

You wear them at a party or at an event where you really like to shine and be admired by all! It`s a great way to take everybody`s eyes, by wearing such products!