Bridal garters

The bridal garter has been accessory that wasn’t that taken into account by the brides, but lately it seems that in the last period its presence has become more and more popular. The moment in which the bride takes of her bridal garter is a very popular custom and it’s really encountered among the young couples.

Due to the fact that it’s an accessory that is visible, especially for the moment in which it’s thrown away you can apply for a wedding garter that is placed in the wedding thematic or that can help you get rid of the “something blue” detail on the list of must have accessories and things in the wedding day.

Here are some ideas of bridal garters that you can apply for in the wedding day:

The blue garter – is to take into consideration the four elements that have to complete your bridal outfit, like the something new, something old, something borrowed and the something blue elements. You can place all your attention towards the wedding garter and make it in this tone. This option can prove to get really useful, especially for the brides that wish to have a white wedding dress or a bridal bouquet in other colors.

The pocket bridal garter

– besides this aspect, you can think of the utility of this bridal accessory. In the pocket bridal garter you can place your hairpins or whatever you want. You can hide that gift for the one that is going to catch the bridal garter: a fortune teller or a funny thought!

The red garter

– although red isn’t the color of the bridal accessories that the bride an wear in the wedding day, many women choose to wear a bridal garter in this color in order to stay away from bad luck. It’s also told that the veil is the element that gets rid of bad spirits and it holds back all the negative spirits. If you choose instead of the bridal veil a hat, a small veil or only a flower accessory for the hair you can wear a red garter.

The personalized garter

– like in the case of the wedding favors or the wedding invitations you can personalize the bridal garter with the name of your husband and you. The one that is going to get it, is going to end up with a nice memory from your side.

The thematic garters

– accordingly the chosen theme for organizing the event, you can choose multiple types of wedding garters. For example, for a vintage wedding you can wear a pearl necklace or one made of lace.

The funny bridal garters

– if you wan the moment in which you throw the bridal garter to be a funny one, then you can pick an accessory that has cartoon characters on it!