Wedding lingerie ideas

The wedding lingerie doesn’t relate only to the underwear that you’re usually wearing underneath the wedding dress and just that. It refers to the lingerie that you’re going to wear in the wedding night and probably in the honeymoon as well. For this matter, you need to take into account the option of purchasing multiple wedding lingerie pieces, which you can wear in different intimate moments.

In the following lines we thought it would really be useful to share with you some interesting pieces of wedding lingerie that is going to be pretty useful in the moments that you have with your husband.

There’s this first halter dress that we wanted to mention about and which is made with bubble hem, you’re going to observe how finely it emphasizes the bust area and let’s also add that the colors involved in it make it daring: there’s the copper print that has this role.

Another thing that we have to mention is that you can find this dress in different sizes and we consider it a great thing, because it’s certainly the model that suits every type of body shape!
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Another sexy option for wedding lingerie consists in this halter mini dress that has drape front and cutout sides. This dress has gloves included, which match with the model of the dress. One can observe the silver print on this dress and also the fact that it lets multiple areas of your body uncovered.

Like the previous model, you can find this model in multiple sizes and we consider this to be a big plus!

Want to be sexy and elegant for your husband and you don’t seem to find the appropriate way in which you can do it or the model that is suitable for you. This won’t be any problem because in the following lines we thought it would really be a nice idea to share with you a mini dress that has keyhole front detail and a criss cross detail in the back. This black and white dress will uncover your breasts in a sexy manner, not in a vulgar way. Also, it’s really cheap and it can be encountered in multiple size options.

Another mini dress that serves as wedding lingerie is this black and purple deep V halter dress that is trimmed in lame.

You can observe just how finely is this wedding dress going to uncover your breasts and also let’s add that it’s going to offer you an extra sexy air and your husband is going to fall in love with you more and more!

Depending on your body shapes and what you want to emphasize more, these wedding lingerie pieces are going to help you in a way or another and in the same time we’re sure that at least one of these models is going to seem a good option to take into consideration.