Lingerie for the honeymoon

You know that we take into consideration every aspect when it comes to a magnificent wedding and this is how we continue our journey into the world of dream weddings…. This time we would like to take into account the lingerie that you can wear in the honeymoon or in the wedding night. In the lines to come you’re going to read about such suggestions and we hope that you like these as well.

We start with presenting you a deux piece with garter and this is indeed an interesting combination of elements. The upper side consists of a bustier which is made of white jersey, it has a sweetheart neckline, the shoulder straps can be easily removed or adjusted, the cups are padded and made in such a manner that the bust is lifted up- and so the nice impression is created.

lingerie for the honeymoon

Another thing that we need to mention about this bustier is the fact that it has lace panels in the back side and scalloped trims, there’s the side boning also and it highlights all your feminine shapes in a very pleasant manner. Quite some interesting combinations of elements, don’t you think so?
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We’re not done…. There are some other elements that we need to mention about. We’re speaking about the bridal bikinis. These are made in white or natural tone and have, like the bustier, a lace back. Let’s also mention that these have low rise and have a cotton lining. As you can observe, there are only great things to be said about these pieces of lingerie. We just hope that you like the idea as much as we did when we first saw it.

We were mentioning something about a carter. Well, it’s a white one and it’s made of ruffled lace, it has a satin tie detail and you can be sure that it will be a pleasure for your husband to take it off.

lingerie for the honeymoon 2

The next suggestion that we have for you consists of a deux piece as well. This one is made entirely of lace. The upper side consists of a bustier with V neckline, thin shoulder straps, there’s an empire waist and ruffled hem.

The other piece consists of a pair of boy shorts, which are made of lace as well. Both of these pieces are made of floral lace and you can observe here and there some small bits of skin, which can be really sexy. We hope that you enjoyed reading about this example as well, and if you don’t like either of those examples, we recommend you to apply for some normal pieces of lingerie, because after all you’re going to get rid of it eventually.