The perfect bra for the bride

Once you’ve chosen the wedding dress it’s time to go in search for the appropriate bra. Accordingly to some recent polls, it seems that around 70 or 80% of women wear inappropriate size at their bra.

This is something that worries taking into account that difficulties in breathing can appear and you’re going to observe some problems at the level of the health and aspect of the breasts.

When you try on a bra make sure that it’s comfortable and it doesn’t stuff you, it shouldn’t leave red marks under the bust or signs of the loosening of the sanguine circulation, not to change the shape of your breasts and let the skin breathe.
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The correct measure….

In case you don’t know the size of your cup, measure yourself with the help of a tailor instrument immediately under the breasts, approximate the number in order to end up with the standard sizes of 70, 75, 80, 85 or 90. Measure once again and this time over the breasts, in the highest spot and take from this number the first one. The result of this decrease is the number of the cup.

So, if the result is between 0 and 1, 5 cm the cup is AA, between 1,5 and 2,5 cm – A cup between 2,5 and 6,5 cm – cup B, between 6,5 and 9 cm – it’s the C cup, between 9 and 11,5 cm – cup D, between 11,5 and 15 cm – E cup, between 15 and 18cm – F cup and 18 and 20 cm – G cup.

A bra with memory!

When the fashion and technology are united the result is ingenuous. Especially for the ladies and women who want to get of rid of the worry of finding the appropriate bra, the famous Victoria’s Secret brand has created the chip bra that is placed on the body and retains the ideal shape. Dream Angels push up bra can be acquired from the official site of the company.

Choose the comfort!

In the big day it’s indicated to place the accent on the practical aspect of the bra, which accordingly to the case has to minimize, create the big illusion, to push up and sustain and let’s also not forget that it can be really comfortable and you don’t want it to lack grace and to feel you can’t breathe. Let it for the big night – the sexy one – as the bra is the thing that sustains the breasts that are going to make your partner go crazy.

The suitable model for your wedding dress…

Other factors that you have to take into account when you choose the bra are the color and the fabric from which the wedding dress is made of and the cleavage. The silky textures and with satin embrace perfectly the shapes of your body and the leggings and lace with embroidery applications are going to be emphasized immediately conferring an unaesthetic aspect.