Wedding lingerie

The wedding lingerie for which you apply for in the big day underneath the bridal gown is really important and you have to take it into account no matter what – you have to treat this special “category” with attention and you have to make sure that you make the right choices.

Especially if you’ve chosen a wedding dress with straps that are kind of thin or if it’s sleeveless you have to search a bra that it’s suitable for you.

wedding lingerie

Such a bra is that made of silicone and it’s invisible, we’re sure you’ve heard about it previously. In a strapless wedding dress is necessary to have lingerie that is appropriate for you and that isn’t uncomfortable, but in the same time it shouldn’t be emphasized too much – it has to confer you the gorgeous breasts you need.
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This type of bra of silicone with closure in the front side is invisible underneath the clothes and it offers the support you need no matter what size you have in the cups. It has the advantage of being fixed as high as you want it (the push up effect) for a guaranteed effect.

You don’t have to make any problems in what concerns taking it off. The bra is perfect for transparent wedding dresses and for blouses that have that back cut. In addition, this bra sustains perfectly the weight of your breasts and helps even for boosting them. You don’t have to make problems that your wedding lingerie is going to be observed underneath the clothes, it’s so discrete and comfortable that you forget it’s on you.

wedding lingerie 2

You can obtain the very wanted cleavage or you can try different positions of the bra made of silicone trying to arrange the cups as close as possible or distanced. These confer a more feminine shape and elegant to the breast without even being noticed what you have underneath the clothes. You can choose a beige bra that isn’t noticeable at all.

Imagine that such a bra is tight on the body and you won’t even feel it on you. It’s necessary to read all the instructions before using, in order to know how to handle it perfectly in this case and in the situation in which you don’t feel comfortable.

The effect is that of making the breasts look bigger with almost 2 numbers and it makes the breasts look much better, it creates the push up effect, it offers a shape and a natural aspect to the breasts.

wedding lingerie 3

For a gorgeous cleavage, the cups are going to be arranged as far away one from the other as possible and when you place them together with the clips you’re going to obtain the wanted cleavage. In addition the silicone bra is going to be very still even if you dance or sweat and then you don’t have to make any problems!