Plan a small wedding ceremony

We have said so many times that your wedding ceremony must suit your character and personality. But, how should the quiet and calm ones plan their wedding ceremony? Should be as grand and as elegant as a regular ceremony, or it could be something more casual and appropriate for their personality types?

Casual or informal ceremonies are not something odd these days. On the contrary, these wedding ceremonies seem to be very popular nowadays, because they help people save some money, while organizing these events.
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But, in the case of these people, their wedding could be even less than an informal wedding. To be more exact, such nuptials are best if they were limited to a small number of people, in a local restaurant, or at the bride’s or groom’s place, with a casual menu. There will be taken some photos, because everyone must have such memories, but there will be no dance implied in this type of nuptials.

As for the bride and groom’s apparel, they could wear something elegant. The bride may even get married in a white dress, if this what she wants, whereas the groom could wear his elegant suit. After all, this is still a wedding, even though it is held in a small way.

The wedding guests should be dressed in something they would wear for an elegant night out. Their apparel should not be neither too fancy, not too comfy. Just wear something that would make you feel at your ease, but at the same time something that would look good on you.

Plan a small wedding ceremonyCredit
Plan a small wedding ceremony

The advantage of such a small wedding ceremony would be the stress free factor. Everyone would like to feel free at their wedding, to wear whatever they may like and whatever would make them comfortable. Not to mention the fact that you will skip those exhausting wedding traditions.

However, the disadvantage of these ceremonies would be the fact that they would lack the colour and vividness of the regular weddings. It would be something simple, direct and short. But, if that is what you want, then it is up to you and no one should contradict your preferences.

What else could we add? Just have a quiet and calm wedding ceremony if something like that would suit you, because otherwise you won’t have happy memories from your wedding.