Pretty and Practical Favors; A Neat Way to Thank the Girls!

Looking for a neat way to thank the ladies in your bridal party for picking up the slack, or to give to bridal shower or bachelorette party guests? Then this adorable  little favor could be for you. It’s called the Heart Purse Valet by Kate Aspen, sold by The Wedding Shoppe – an online wedding store in Canada,  and I just think it’s genius!

practical and useful shower favor or bachelorette party favor
Heart Purse Valet Favor

We ladies sure do love our handbags! So, what better gift than a way to hold and protect our precious bags? A small, heart shaped disc with an extending hook opens from a small compact, which can easily be slipped into any purse, to a cool, pretty sturdy tool to hold most size handbags . No more throwing your designer purse over the back of the restaurant chair and getting bumped and shoved or, God forbid, sliding your bag under the table. Plus, your bag is right there for you to dive into at a moments notice if you want to be first to offer to pay the tab (heh) or to turn off that noisy cell phone. Ever been in a public restroom that didn’t have a hook on the back of the door for your purse? Now you have one. Vioila! Pretty handy indeed.

This favor is made of sturdy chrome and packaged in a petite box that resembles a handbag. Instructions are right on back. The small size could make a nice Christmas stocking stuffer or can be used as part of a larger gift’s wrapping and decoration, maybe for the outside of the bridesmaids’ gifts? And the best part – it’s totally affordable.

A practical favor all the girls will love that won’t break the bank! What’s not to like?