A Guide to the Perfect Outdoor Hen Party

Going to be a bridesmaid? Once you’ve finally calmed down and the tears of joy have stopped, it’s likely that reality will bite and the sense of responsibility will hit you.

Don’t panic though, we’ve got some great advice on how to plan the perfect outdoor hen party to help you out – ideal if you want to plan the perfect summer evening event. Think bunting, plastic glasses, the color pink, vintage-inspired decorations, games and a little bit of creativity to give your hen the best night of her life.

What will the hen want?

The most important thing for you to do is consider the bride-to-be. What sort of thing will she want? Would she like a wild night, or does she want to be pampered? Maybe it lies somewhere between the both. Whatever her likes or interests, be sure to keep these at the forefront of your mind.

Set your hen party budget

After you’ve got a rough idea of the theme it’s important to set the budget. You must determine how much the party is going to cost and clearly let all of the guests know what they need to pay in advance.

Take control of the decoration, entertainment, and menu

The best thing about an outdoor hen do is it can be in your backyard to save on costs of hiring a venue and give you greater control over the decoration, entertainment, and menu. If you’d rather go elsewhere, however, it’s vital that you choose somewhere that can accommodate the needs and tastes of your bride and is within your price bracket.

Make sure your pool is ‘party ready’

If you are hosting your hen party and you have a pool then be sure to check that your paving stones surrounding the pool are stable and make sure there are no cracks or pieces missing. This could cause serious injury to any member of the hen party – and the bride certainly doesn’t want to spend any time in hospital at this stage. Not only that, but you want your pool to be the perfect focal point, somewhere for the guests to take a dip, not something to hide away in shame because it has seen better days.

Get your guest list right

Make sure you also ask the bride-to-be about her ideal guest list. You can handle all of the work involved in getting the invites out – but you need to make sure your list matches her expectations. Miss off someone important and you could ruin the whole night. Send out the invitations early and make sure you have everyone’s contact details to communicate with them ahead of the big day.

Plan some party games

It’s not always easy to get the party started – especially if you’re bringing together different groups of friends who have not met before. Get the conversation flowing with party games. Whether it’s a drinking game, a fun challenge or something a little naughty, this sort of activity will get everyone talking. If you’re outdoors, it pays to have a few ideas in mind. If it’s too hot or too cold for your ‘plan A’ activities then have a backup idea or two.

The finishing touches – accessories, decorations, and music

Don’t forget accessories either. From ‘team bride’ wristbands to hen party sashes and personalized T-shirts, you name it there is an accessory. Make sure you order enough of these items so that everyone has one and nobody is left out.

Remember party decorations as well. Whether it’s an in-depth theme that you are creating, or if you simply want to add some decorations to brighten the place up, your bride will truly appreciate the effort you have gone to.

Music is always an important factor. Put together a list of the bride-to-be’s favorite songs and play them throughout the evening – picking out tracks that you can sing along to and that you associate with key moments together (be careful not to upset the neighbors though).

Now go and have fun

If your bride-to-be is keen on an outdoor hen do, perhaps she is having an outdoor wedding too? Check out our post on planning an outdoor wedding for some tips and ideas on this too.

Last but not least, have fun! Although planning a hen party is a lot to deal with – and a huge responsibility – it will be all worthwhile and, in the end, you can let your hair down and party with the girls.