5 top things to put into hen party goodie bags

Hen parties are always good fun and we all love being invited to one but sometimes it involves changing plans and travelling quite a distance. So if you’re the bride-to-be and you want to say a little thank you to all your hens the best way to do it is to give everyone little gifts bags.  Now these don’t have to be expensive but if you’ve never made one before then it can be daunting. What do you put in them? Should there be a theme?  It’s entirely up to you but to help out those of you who have never made a hen party goodie bag before here are our top 5 things to put ion one!

Canvas bag

Just because it’s a party bag doesn’t mean it has to horrid plastic! Besides the canvas tote bags are very popular right now and are really cheap and simple to order online. Plus to add that personalised touch you can get messages like, “Sam and Megan’s 2013 Wedding” or “Emma’s wild Manchester Hen party” etc. That way, whenever a hen comes to use the bag at a later date, she’ll be mentally transported to the party!

Survival kit

This can be anything from Aspirin and a bottle of water.  To a full blown kit compromising of heel cushions, make-up wipes, mini beauty products etc. Not necessary we know (as most women have these in their handbags anyway) but these are the small things that are easily missed and can make all the difference between a feeling fine and having massive hangover and looking like a mess.

Silly trinket

A willy straw, fluffy party boppers, party poppers… It’s tradition to have a party trinket or a silly party accessory when you’re on a hen weekend package – yes even if it is a bit tacky. It’s the done thing, so don’t be a spoil sport and include a few silly, funny things in the bag.

Name badges

If everyone knows one another then you don’t need to include these but if some of the hens don’t know each other then this is a great thing to include. They can be bought cheaply online; they aren’t outfit intrusive and are more reliable than stickers.

Personalised Gift

These can be anything and they don’t have to be expensive. We’ve found that personalised mirrors have been one of the best gifts as they make nice mementos and people will actually use them. You can have the hen’s name on the mirror or you could have something like “Love Jules and Mark” to remind them of the wedding.