Top trending – 2013 hen weekends

Whether it’s a hen night  at your local club or a hen weekend away, everybody wants to know where the next hottest destination is. Last year saw Marbella hen weekends rise dramatically due to the cast of TOWIE visiting and as a result of the Geordie Shore TV show, Newcastle hen parties also shot up in the rankings.

However, the year is now 2013 and it’s time to predict new hot destinations.  So where do we think is gonna be big this year? Where should you consider visiting? Let’s have a look and see…



Like we said in a precious blog post (or heavily implied depending on how you read it!) Vegas is fabulous and it’s going to be a huge hen destination for 2013. Now we know it’s been a huge hot spot for gamblers and stag parties in the past but the hen party scene is starting to change and with the release of films such as “The Bachelorette” later on this year. Many hens are starting to give the stags a run for their money in terms of outrageous laughs and outlandish activities. Besides where else in the world can you visit the Eiffel tower, New York and ride a gondola all in one night? Only in Vegas baby! Only in Vegas…


Located in sunny southern Portugal, the fun city of Albufeira really is a hidden gem when it comes to warm hen holidays. Once you visit, many people return year after year for the lovely beaches, very good climate, and proximity of many restaurants, bars and pubs. Plus since the recession hit, prices have dropped significantly! This means, cheaper cocktails! Oh and have we mentioned how sizzling hot the Portuguese men are? No? Well they are. Cheap cocktails, sandy beaches and gorgeous… what more convincing do you need!?


The wildcard of the bunch and one that we think is going to be a big deal in 2013 – Liverpool. Everyone we know who has been and gone has had nothing to say but good things about this city. The shopping now rivals that of London and flights directly to Liverpool are some of the cheapest we’ve seen in a long time. Packed full of hen weekend ideas , this city will leave you dizzy with the choice of things to do, see and eat. Trust us ladies! Start practising your scouse brow and get ready to dance yourselves silly in what we think is going to be this year’s party city du jour.

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