Movie Inspired Dance Classes for Hen Parties

Recently we took a look at ideas for musical inspired hen parties, however every great tune is more often than not accompanied by a memorable dance routine – and thankfully these also make for a great activity which all of your group can get involved in.

The art of dance is performed across many different cultures with varying motivations including social interaction, exercise, expression, celebration, entertainment, performance and cultural ritual.

The expressive nature of dance enables it to embody ideas and emotions allowing a story to be told which the audience can connect with. It is this visually encapsulating nature of expression which makes dance such a popular subject for film.

Due to the ever growing popularity of dance in film, more and more dance classes have been launched. It’s now possible to learn most forms of dance which have featured in your favourite movies from a professional choreographer – the perfect activity to enjoy with your closes friends! Plus, it’s a great alternative way of getting some exercise to work off those glasses of wine. 

Dirty Dancing

Based on the experiences of the writer Eleanor Bergstein and her holidays spent at a similar summer camp to that of the main character Baby, played by Jennifer Gray, Dirty Dancing is one of the most famous chick flicks of all time.

The story follows Baby as she goes on holiday in the summer of 1963 with her sister and parents, where she meets Johnny Castle, the handsome dance instructor, played by Patrick Swayze. She witnesses “dirty dancing” (in fact Mambo), for the first time and she ends up falling in love with Johnny (along with a lot of other women who watched the film), becoming his dance partner in replacement of Penny who becomes pregnant.

In the Dirty Dancing class, you’ll get to learn the moves just like Baby and Johnny, such as the cha cha cha and salsa moves, which are guaranteed to provide you and the girls with a good laugh as well as the enjoyment of reminiscing over your favourite moments in the film.


Another cult classic, the image that springs to mind in Grease is Olivia Newton John’s tight black trousers (so tight they had to be sewn on to her!) and John Travolta’s slick gelled Rockabilly quiff.

Local boy Danny Zuko (John Travolta) falls for Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton John) who is on holiday from Australia in the summer of 1958. The story follows them falling for each other amidst a big song and dance, literally, from the two groups they both hang out with; the Pink Ladies and the T-birds.

Those fetching pink ladies jackets make for a great hen party fancy dress theme for a Grease inspired dance class, where you will learn the moves to the top Grease hits such as “Grease Lightening” and “We Go Together”.


The 1982 movie Cabaret stars Liza Minnelli who plays a confident American entertainer called Sally, and Brian played by Michael York, a writer from England who comes to New York to be a teacher. Based in Berlin during the Weimer Republic, Cabaret is largely based around the Kit Kat Club, an adult entertainment club where women perform dance routines classic to the era which involved a combination of comedy, music and theatre.

This was burlesque – a seductive yet tongue-in-cheek form of dance which involves expressing the female form with a variety of props such as tassels, in a cheeky but sexy way. Ultimately, burlesque is a dance which celebrates all it is to be a woman and it will leave you and the girls feeling as confident as ever!


Footloose is a 1984 musical drama based on a teenager called Ren McCormack played by Kevin Bacon. Born and bred in the city of Chicago, Ren moves to a small religious town called Boment with his mother to live with his aunt and uncle.

The story follows Ren as he rebels against the local minister’s ban on dancing and rock music, whilst also falling for the minister’s daughter Ariel. Ren organises a prom for the end of the school year which ultimately sees the minister backing down when he joins in the dancing with his wife.

A footloose dance class involves learning the classic Footloose line dance, as well as choreographed dance routines to a medley of other songs from the movie.


The American smash hit comedy-drama Glee originally hit our screens as a TV show which followed high school glee club New Directions competing in a major choir competition. This was then followed by the film – Glee: The 3D Concert Movie which saw the cast perform live in concert for their 2011 summer tour which showcased their musical prowess.

Consequently, you can now enjoy a Glee inspired dance class which is as varied as the TV show itself. Combining jazz, modern dance and Broadway you’ll walk away with a lot of new dance knowledge much like the show’s talented cast. Learn the routines from hits such as “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Single Ladies”.

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