Quirky Hen Party Ideas That Will Beat the Stereotype

Are you planning a hen do for a bride-to-be who’s worst nightmare would be a stereotypical one?

If so, put away the L-plates and sashes, forget the willy straws, avoid the cheesy fancy dress and don’t even think about humiliating her – or getting her so drunk she can’t remember a second of it.

Instead, plan something a little quirkier – a unique party that both she and her hens will remember long after the wedding. While you are researching it’s important to consider how you will make it personal to her.  What does she love to do and how will you incorporate this into her final weekend with the girls before she says ‘I do’?

Yoga retreat

If the bride-to-be is into fitness and wellbeing then how about getting the girls together for a wellness retreat? There are plenty to choose from in the UK where you can relax with a massage, stretch out in a yoga class before enjoying a healthy dinner and settling into a hot tub.

If you fancy jetting overseas, did you know that far from just a party island, Ibiza is the perfect destination to unwind? Head to the north and you’ll find retreats in the most beautiful surroundings. This is the perfect escape from the stresses of planning a wedding, will help prepare her mentally for the big day and enable you to really spend some quality time together.

Festival fun

If the bride loves to attend festivals then this is the perfect way to spend her hen do. There are so many to choose from – Glastonbury, Bestival, Latitude, Boardmasters, Reading/Leeds – where you can make a weekend of it.

Alternatively, you might like to organize a day festival – such as Wireless or Lovebox – so you can incorporate it into your weekend alongside other plans.  Cover yourselves in glitter and dance the day and night away to your favorite bands.

Escape to the country

Is your best friend someone who likes to go for long walks through the country, stop in a local pub for a delicious roast before heading home to get cozy by the fire with a large glass of wine? Then escape to the country for her hen party and book into a cottage where you can do just that.

Are you worried you might get bored? Make sure you have planned games – this could be traditional hen party ones – perhaps with your own twist to make it unique. You could do ‘come to dine with me’ or ‘bake off’ – before enjoying the delicious treats you whip up. You could even watch a film with popcorn or discuss her upcoming nuptials over a bottle of wine – or two.

Relax on the beach  

Perhaps the hen is a beach bum, a lover of the seaside. If so, head to the British coastline – where you could almost be abroad if the sun is shining – and soak it up on the golden soft sand beaches before heading into the sea to cool off with a variety of water sports.

You could go to Cornwall or Devon for picturesque villages and opportunities for surfing? How about Brighton, where you’ll find some of the best beachside clubs or Blackpool for a more traditional experience?   Take a picnic for lunch and treat yourself to fish and chips on the seafront for dinner.

Camping adventure

If she’s more of the adventurous type then camping – or glamping – could be the perfect hen do.

You could cycle through the countryside, explore the river on a canoe, go horse riding or hiking – there are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from. Finally, head back to the campsite and fire up the BBQ before roasting marshmallows over the fire and falling asleep beneath the stars.


Avoid the stereotypes and plan a quirky hen party that’s unique to the bride-to-be. She’s sure to love it!