When Should A Bride Go For Green Bridal Shoes

If you are soon to be a bride and you have not yet decided what color should your bridal shoes bear, then we are here to give you a few reasons to consider green bridal shoes.
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First and foremost a colored pair of shoes is an option only for a non-conventional bride. The traditional line will never accept such bright colors, so, the main condition is to be open-minded and consider new challenges.

When Should A Bride Go For Green Bridal ShoesCredit
Green Bridal Shoes

Secondly, you will have to have a strong desire of being in the spotlight. A bride is always the center of attention, but wearing colored shoes will enhance the focus of your attendees, so your look has to be flawless.

Green is a very fresh color and it would make a wonderful choice for those of you who set the date of your wedding somewhere in the spring. Wearing green shoes will be a nice symbol of vivacity, joy and happiness. As spring is the season that marks the beginning of a new natural cycle you could wear green wedding shoes as a metaphor for your new life together as a married couple.

As shoes are a very important piece of your wedding attire you have to choose them in accordance with the overall theme of the big event. Therefore, you can opt for green shoes only when the theme involves this color more or less directly. In which case we have two options: a wedding whose theme is green, and a wedding that implies a lot of floral elements.

When Should A Bride Go For Green Bridal ShoesCredit
Green Bridal Shoes

For the latter your mission will be a bit more difficult as you will have to find a way to integrate flowers – as much as possible – in your wedding attire, and this does not refer to shoes only. But an outdoor wedding does not require a very sophisticated outfit, and in such setting flowers and leaves are very easy to introduce.

However, you will have to pay special attention to the balance of colors. Too much green will not put you to an advantage, so, have it only in your shoes and in the bridal bouquet or hair flowers and let the rest for the wedding décor. These will make great finishing touches and the guests will admire you as if you were Mother Nature herself.

In conclusion, green shoes are most appropriate for spring weddings, nature themed, for young brides who love life and enjoy every day of it smiling with happiness.