Cheating and affairs in marriage

An affair is something that seems unforgivable for some and an issue to resolve for others. I have taken into account this matter, because in our modern times it is impossible to be loyal due to all the temptations that may come. We all have the tendency of looking at the opposed sex and feel tempted to cheat, but not all do it. Indeed, it takes courage to cheat on your loved one and if your partner finds out then it becomes a serious problems.
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I am taking this matter into account at the level of a marriage. When you get married you tell your wedding vows to each other and promise to be next to the other for better or for worse.

What would you do in the case you find out your spouse was cheating on you?

Now, let’s talk about this situation from two different points of views: it happened once and it happened several times.

Cheating your spouse only once

Cheating and affairs in marriageCredit
Cheating and affairs in marriage

Think of this situation as a mistake: you went out with your friends one night, in a bar and you drank too much and you hooked up with a person and ending with something unorthodox. You are probably going to feel guilty after and, when the beloved one asks what you did last night you would stumble and simply say “I went out for some drinks with my friends” and omit telling him/her what really happened.

Don’t forget that marriage is founded on trust and my suggestion would be to tell the truth and explain that it happened only once, you didn’t do it on purpose, and it was only an accident.

You are going to ask yourself whether or not she/he will forget you. If there is real love at the middle I think that such a mistake will be forgiven and trust will be built once again, but step by step. Don’t let such a think ruin a relationship developed in so many years. Talking with each other and maybe joining therapy – this is what will help the both of you. So don’t lie to your partner, be sincere and talk this through.

Cheating repeatedly with the same person

Now, this is a really serious matter. If you are in this point, then it means that you have a really big problem in your couple! This doesn’t mean that you don’t love your spouse anymore, but it’s a true lack of respect and trust that you’re dealing with. My solution is not to hide and if you cheated repeatedly the loved one, then it means that you do not have why to continue lying to the other one, although there are children at the middle. In fact, this is the most hurtful thing; do you want your children to grow up in a complete lie? Does it seem correct to you? What example are you giving to the little ones?

I know it’s something hurtful, but cheating seems to be a more and more encountered problem in our days and we have to think it through together and developing a healthier life.

If you have any questions and demands concerning the matter of cheating in marriage feel free to share them here.