Conflicts between the bride and the mother in law

It is said that after you get married with your fiancé, you’re supposed to “get married” with his family as well. This is right way of approaching matters at a certain extent, because not only do you gain a life partner, but somewhere in his back, comes his family.
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The relationship between the bride and the family members can tend to be a never ending subject, it always brings something new at the surface and in most of the cases, I didn’t hear of perfect relationships between the bride and the groom’s family. Like in your family, you always encounter matters of discussing, but in the end you fight to put everything together, because you know you are a family and this is what families do.

Problems with the mother in law

This is between the most encountered conflict, the one between the bride and the mother in law. Sincerely, I always hear my friends complaining about their mothers in law, even though at the surface they seem perfectly fine.

Conflicts between the bride and the mother in lawCredit
Conflicts between the bride and the mother in law

Where does this conflict start?

The mother of the groom will never consider any woman perfect for her son. She always has something to say and this is what makes the two of you in a permanent feud. Even though she says these are suggestions and pieces of advice, the way in which she tells them, is what makes you be so pissed off. In most of the situations, you are not going to complain to your husband about his mother, a friend is what you need. In the end, the husband hears lines like “your mother this” or “your mother that” and discussions may start between the two of you at some point.


I am the kind of person who suggests talking and communication as being the main way to resolve things. In fact, this is what matters: talk even from the very beginning with your mother in law and see what kind of person she is.

The mother of the groom doesn’t do mean things without a purpose and I am sure if you pay more attention to her, in the end she will not be considered as an “enemy”, but the type of girlfriend you go out for a coffee in your day off work. For some of you this can be considered as a true hell, but really if you try to understand her and pay her more attention, I’m sure she will prove to be friendly in the end!