Inviting the siblings at the bridal party

The wedding involves all the family members whether you like it or not. I can just recall some of my friends getting married in the last year and asking me and the other close people surrounding them about the matter of inviting siblings at the bridal party.
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When I say that, I am totally referring to the role of the best man and the bridesmaids. One of my friends had a really difficult task in her hands. Now I am going to tell you what she did, maybe you are going to learn from her experience and you will be able to make the right choice.

You probably have been put in the posture of being forced to invite your groom’s sister to be your bridesmaid and this did not seem correct to you, because you do not have any kind of relationship with her, you do not even recall speaking with her at least once. The same situation can happen in the case of the groom, when he is obliged by the family of having as best man, the bride’s brother.

How do you do in such a way as to avoid problems and discussions?

In the case in which you are not close to the groom’s sister and her mother insists on you having her as the bridesmaid, you can have a serious discussion with the groom and make him explain that you already organized with your friends in such a way that you cannot have any other bridesmaid.

Inviting the siblings at the bridal partyCredit
Inviting the siblings at the bridal party

The same thing can be in the case of the bride’s brother and the groom, of course, if they are not already friends. In the case in which they are friends, then there will be no matters to be discussed.

Here’s another idea that will definitely seem useful to you, if you have a close relationship with your siblings and you want them involved in the bridal party. Do not forget that the same thing can stand the other way around!

So, I was thinking that you can still keep your relatives close to you in the bridal party in such a way that no one gets upset. Even though you have already chosen the bridesmaids and the groom his best man, you can ask your brother or sister to stand next to you by the altar. This is a modern way of having all your family members around and I am sure this will totally be seen as a new approach by the guests and not only!