Women who deal with physical and verbal violence

Violence is among the multiple factors, which breaks up couples. I consider that such matters should not exist between people who love each other.

I have browsed multiple forums that treat this subject and I have to admit with sorrow that in our modern times this is between the most important issues leading to separation and divorce.
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Well, we should look at this situation from multiple perspectives, because violence cannot be discussed only from one point of view. There are two types of violence: physical and there’s the psychological level.

What do women have to do when they confront violence?

Verbal violence

Women who deal with physical and verbal violenceCredit
Women who deal with physical and verbal violence

Most of the women who confront verbal violence are not aware of the fact that they have to face violence exactly. All these conflicts are seen as quarrels and they are considered to be important situation to deal in a couple life. When argues become repeatedly I sincerely recommend applying for couple therapy and discussing freely about the issues and unpleasant things that you have to deal with.

Usually when you repeat quarrels, it’s because you have some communication problems and you hide from each other. As long as you discuss your matters open and you tell each other what you have on your chest, I don’t see why discussions should continue.

Physical violence

Physical violence is the other level that one can encounter when discussing about this problem. If he hits you once, you’re going to say that it’s just this time and it won’t happen again, but I sincerely don’t see an excuse for a man hitting a woman. Really, men who abuse physically women, they have a serious problem and even though it happens once, they need counseling.

If you are in the case of being physically abused in repeated times, I think that this is a serious problem you are dealing with and need to seek help immediately. Such things shouldn’t even exist in our modern times. Therapy is a way of resolving trauma – because your body and mind are bruised after such unpleasant experiences.

Hope you find the way and I will be back with this topic very soon; if you have anything to add, be free to share your impressions and thoughts here, I will answer as soon as possible!