Communication is the key

You must be bored of the common used phrase “communication is the key word for a relationship”, no matter of what kind it is. And it is true, because I cannot imagine a communion between two people or more, without them speaking and exchanging ideas and information.
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Everybody wonders what they need to do in order not to fight that much or to simply go along well with the beloved one. Some of you might say that pieces of advice are not that useful, because a thing is theory and another is practice. In order to end up in good terms you both have to “fight” for it.

In other words, I will try to give you some useful tips that might be helpful whenever it comes to maintaining a good relationship and feeling less stressed.

My basic principle when it comes to hardships and conflicts is to laugh and treat everything with humor – as you can, this does not mean laughing all the times without a motive.

Communication is the keyCredit
Communication is the key

Include humor in your day to day lives and you are going to see that you will not encounter conflicts as you used to. Now, I am referring to clumsy jokes related to names and the way you call each other. Trust me! It is going to work!

When couples and people fight, they tend to make out of an itsy – bitsy problem something big and outrageous. This should be avoided. Do not start from a point and end up with resentment and hard feelings! It is not a healthy thing for both of you – try to maintain your calm and discuss what you have on your mind with gentle words, without giving each other names or using ugly expressions. This will dig an even deeper hole.

We know that you may have so many things in your head, such as the family life, the economic situation, and the children’s problems and so on, but this does not mean you have to forget of each other. My personal piece of advice is to make sure you establish from the very beginning that you couple is essential and you should not forget about the two of you, even though you may have so many on your shoulders. Do not forget that in the end you have to be united, to form an entire, this will be better for solving the problems you encounter!