Points of discussions between the bride and bridesmaids

What crazy things are women going to do when they are on the road of getting married? I ask you this, because some time ago, I have seen this movie in which two good friends loose their respect and feelings, in the moment the wedding planner puts the wedding in the same day. You might have already guessed about what movie I am speaking about, but I am going to stop here, I made reference to this, because my article has to do with the relationship between the bride and the bridesmaids.
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Conflicts between the bride and the bridesmaids can start from the moment she names the made of honor and ending with the choice made for the color of the dresses. In other words, the relationship can be affected with little details, because in the wedding planning procedures everybody is stressed and few are the chances for you not to argue.

Here, I’ve though of some things you might like to take into account and which can be pretty effective in the moments tensions are released.

Choosing the maid of honor

In this situation, make sure there are no discussions among the maid of honor and the other girls or, you can even encounter unpleasant situations. So, establish even from the very beginning who you want as maid of honor.

The other girls might put the reason of friendship in picking the maid of honor and I suggest you to put the girl who is closest to your heart, with whom you have the best memories and who has been next to you in your hardest moments. Put this as the main reason and I am sure that there will be no further discussions!

Bride and bridesmaidsCredit
Bride and bridesmaids

Tell the others not to be upset and to be understandable, this is the most important day of your life and you want to be free of care, the only thing that matters to you is that everything ends up perfectly and the right choices to be made.

Picking the color for bridesmaid dresses

I know for some this might sound a stupid reason to argue, but believe me that I have heard of so many cases, it’s impossible not to mention it. So, most of the discussions concern the bridesmaid dresses and especially their color. Some may not agree with your pick, others might make their own suggestions.

Discuss freely with the girls and explain your choice, make them understand and listen to their ideas as well. In the end the common points will give you an answer, trust me!