Issues of bridesmaids in wedding planning

Women are known always to be in a conflict of a type or another. I sincerely don’t know why there is so much hatred and gossip between ladies. I’ve seen guys that shout at each other, they insult one and other, but they do it just for fun. Women make compliments to each other, but deep down I don’t know just how sincere they are. These being said, I would be interested in discussing a little bit the problems that bridesmaids can encounter and this is where I wanted to get.
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I have read so many points of view and perspectives, but I can’t explain the discussions and fight where the big number of ladies is. Think of extreme situations in which the bride and a bridesmaid, friends forever, have finished with each other during the wedding planning.

Issues of bridesmaids in wedding planningCredit
Issues of bridesmaids

Why such things happen?

Money is a matter

I think that money is one of the aspects affecting a relationship between women and people in general. We are friends until the moment someone asks for money. Or, you are invited by a friend to be a bridesmaid in the ceremony, you know even from the very beginning that you are supposed to spend some money, but when the bride asks you to buy accessories or even your own makeup you put it like this “I have some family issues to resolve, I can’t pay for them”.

Is this a correct situation? Certainly it isn’t, think of it from the perspective suggested above.

If a friend asks you to be bridesmaid in her wedding, then she also is asking for your financial help a little bit. Think back in time just how much you’ve helped one and other.

Lack of communication

Besides money, I think also that you didn’t tell each other all that you have on your mind. Sometimes conflicts exist because you talk on each other’s back and there is a lack of communication. This shouldn’t happen if you are true friends.

My best piece of advice for brides and bridesmaids is to communicate and discuss whatever they have on their mind. Also, bridesmaids should be more considerate to the brides, because it is very well known they’re under pressure starting even from the moment they get engaged. Organizing a wedding isn’t such a simple task, even though you have a wedding planner.

Try talking with each other, especially in this period, because this will be helpful for both of you. It’s a good exercise and it will make you feel relieved.

I promise to come back with other problems and matters concerning brides and bridesmaids during the wedding planning period and ways of solving them.