Choosing the right maid of honor

Making up your mind on the made of honor

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose the maid of honor, because you simply can’t make up your mind on who is your best friend. I’m going to offer you some indications that might come in handy for making the right choice.
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You know very well that the maid of honor is that person who has to sit next to you, as a sort of support. I am sure you made a final list of girls and you don’t know who to choose. It’s normal to think about this matter for three or four times, because one has in mind the relationships.

Think of the person you call the first time whenever you have a problem and if she’s there next to you. This girl totally deserves to be your maid of honor!

Choosing the right maid of honorCredit
Choosing the right maid of honor

Also, think of the girl you consider as being your support in different situations, as mentioned previously. Take into account the girl who stood next to you in all these years and maybe in this way you already have a lucky number.

A maid of honor can be also chosen among the girls you know from childhood. You have to remember when you where a kid and sat and used to talk with the girls and say to them “Well, in my wedding day I want you to stand next to me”. Throughout the years the situation might have changed or not. If it didn’t, you might want to maintain your legacy and keep your promises. Maybe she returns the favor back and you end up being her maid of honor as well.

Don’t make this pick of the maid of honor like a task, choose whoever you want, don’t offer explanations to anyone. After all, it’s your biggest day and you want to be spoiled and not to be pissed off with all sorts of useless discussions.

In other words, the maid of honor who you decide to choose has to be among the best friends, make sure that she is the perfect match to stand in front of the priest and the other girls, the bridesmaids should be also among the best friends, but not as important as SHE is in your life. This topic may seem hurtful for some of you, future bridesmaids and maids of honor, but it’s the pure truth. Girls don’t make such a big deal if you are not picked maid of honor, there will be other friends who will get married!