Omitting to invite some of your girlfriends to the wedding

What can I do if there are still some “friends” to be invited at the wedding and there are no other free places?
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What exactly do I mean by “friends”? Those kinds of persons who you do not have to do with that much…. I am speaking about those girlfriends with who you usually have lots of fun, but you do not share intimate issues and you do not have any room for them in the actual wedding.

I have heard situations in which a future bride invites them to the bachelorette party, because she knows that these “gals” are all about fun and they do not mention anything about the wedding.

Is this rude? Well, yes it kind of is and I sincerely would not want to be in the place of that girl. She may not attend your wedding, but she sure will feel uncomfortable only by the fact of you omitting her. She might feel also used, because you invite her to your bachelorette party in which it is well known that you do not have to pay a thing… Of course, there are some cases in which you pay for the bachelorette party, but still… It’s a bad thing to omit her and still invite her to the bachelorette party.

Although your wedding is restraint and you have about 50 guests and this aspect has been mentioned in various ways, I am sure there will be a feeling of discomfort from the side of your friends.

Omitting to invite some of your girlfriends to the weddingCredit
Omitting to invite some of your girlfriends to the wedding

There are two possible situations of getting out of this problem: inviting these girls to the wedding or omitting them from the bachelorette party. Think of these two cases seriously and what effect this can have over the future events.

Do you imagine your bachelorette party without these party animals? Believe me, if you have the right amount of liquor, I do not see why you cannot have fun. There should be also other funny girls among your best friends; you have to have your own gags between you.

The second solution offered is totally inappropriate, I know! The wedding guest list is already made, the wedding invitations have already been sent and the menu is spread equally, you cannot find any other place for this girl/s.

Put in balance all the aspects and consider whether or not you can make in such a way as to have fun with these “friends” at the bachelorette party and omitting them from your future wedding, without them getting upset.

Surely, you must at least have a hunch related to their personality and how you can say to them that they are not invited to the wedding, but they still have fun with you at the bachelorette party!