Inviting my ex at the wedding

As awkward as it may seem this has happened to me, while I was composing my list of guests to the biggest event of my life and I’m sure it is a situation that most of the brides have stumbled over! Is inviting an ex to a wedding such a disastrous thing?
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What do you need to do in this situation?

Some brides feel offended even by the idea of their groom asking for exes to come at the wedding. So, put the matter in this way: how would he feel if you ask him for a thing like that?

Now, I am not saying to renounce to exes totally, because there are situations in which you just went out one time with your high school sweetheart and you din not even touch your lips! If the man or woman was only a fling in your love life, then we do not see any reasons for you not to invite them!

If you have been with this person for more than a couple of months and you remember them in more than one perspective, then we totally advise you not to invite them. Why is that? You do not want to be in an uncomfortable situation. Really, these are the types of encountering that make all the three sides smile with hypocrisy.

Inviting my ex at the weddingCredit
Ex lovers

There is also the situation in which you can omit telling your husband about that particular guy, name him only “a classmate” and I am sure he is not going to ask too many details.

If you were friends with benefits and you did not tell until now to your future groom, then I do not see any reason for telling the story now.

But what do you have to do if the future groom knows surely the status between you and the “ex”. Discuss openly and see whether or not he or she wants that person in the wedding.

One can observe reactions concerning this delicate subject, but in most of the cases you have to do what is best for your couple. Do you want tensions during the wedding or in the worst case, you can have this jealous ex interfering with malicious words. You simply do not know what can happen, so think seriously of this situation.

All of these being said, I hope I offered you a helping hand in making up your mind whether or not such a person would fit in the wedding or not! Good luck with that and a piece of advice would be not to mention the phrase “friends with benefits” to your future bride or groom, it’s uncomfortable!