How to deal with the lack of sexual chemistry in couple life

Many women complain about the lack of romance and chemistry in their couple life, after some years of marriage. From a certain point of view this can be considered as a normal thing, but not a cause of breakup of your marriage, because you have to “fight” and get over these things.
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It’s indeed difficult when you get in that point of your marriage. This phenomenon leads to frustrations, you blame yourself for everything and you say that your physical aspect is to blame. Certainly, you know that in the couple there isn’t only one person, you are together and have to learn to manage these problems together. On top of all, you have to do in such a manner as to end up with fights and frustrations – they only lead to unpleasant situations and endless talks.

Sexual desire diminished by the extra weight gained after pregnancy

How to deal with the lack of sexual chemistry in couple lifeCredit
How to deal with the lack of sexual chemistry in couple life

In the situation in which you see the sexual life being diminished from the point of view of passion, you start blaming yourself, your body and your extra pounds, gained probably after pregnancy. I have heard lots of women having this problem after getting married and who couldn’t deal with the baby fat.

When you see yourself with extra weight, the normal thing is to start loosing it and I do not say that only for the sexual attraction in the couple, but also for your health and self esteem. At some point in the marriage your husband will “mention” the fact that you are not like in the beginning and this leads to frustrations, but you do not actually start doing something useful – admit that!

Do not get in the point of hating yourself and your body. Start with diets and on top of all, with physical exercise. Not only are sports going to make you feel good on the outside, but you feel much better and with a boost in self confidence.

Therapy for a healthy relationship

Therapy is also great when it comes to boosting your self esteem and improving your couple life. Convince your husband to go for therapy if you feel that you simply don’t get along anymore. Sexual desire and sex is what stays at the basis of a healthy relationship. When it doesn’t happen as often as it used to, then I am sorry, but you seem to have problems with each other. Try discussing with each other if he is running away from therapy!

Communication is the key! You promised to be next to each other in every moment and posture of your life – this is what you have to do.