The social relationships in the bridal party

Like it or not, the wedding day is all about the social relationships between you and the attendants, I would like to emphasize a particular “section”, which has been mentioned in a previous topic of mine: that between the bridesmaids and the groomsmen.
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This time, I was thinking of the relationship between the girls and the boys at the wedding in rapport with you. What am I referring to? Well, to the fact that some of you want their event to be so perfect, they would love to pair the bridesmaids with the groomsmen. This is not such a bad idea, in fact it sounds really interesting, as long as their number is equal.

Do you have involved 4 bridesmaids in your wedding and 4 groomsmen? Just perfect, because you can ask them to make pairs!

The social relationships in the bridal partyCredit
The social relationships in the bridal party

Now, the regular “movement” of events in the wedding concerns the groomsmen waiting next to the groom at the altar. The only ones coming towards the altar on the aisle are the bridesmaids. In the end ask them to pair up and walk in your back.

But how they can pair up? This is where the topic of “social relationships” intervenes. You can ask the maid of honor, who is supposed to be the closest to you, to stand next to the best man! And we have solved a problem.

How do you “pair” the rest of the bridesmaids and groomsmen? The answer is simple: by height, because this will create an interesting visual effect and they do not have to be upset, because you did not put them next to whom they wanted – they have all the time in the world to chit chat at the wedding reception.

I have heard a solution with pairing the bridesmaids and grooms accordingly to how much you know them. This is another great idea, but think also of the aesthetics! When the wedding ceremony will end and you get out of the church, you still want to maintain a certain order in your back, wouldn’t you?

Discussions always intervene in events and especially in big ones like these, you only have to make sure that you maintain firm and explain to everyone that you wish in your big day to have everything perfect and in order! You want your wish to come true and you want to avoid discussions, right? These being said, I hope my suggestions seemed useful enough to solve your problem.