The proposal after a long or short period of dating

There is a point in a relationship between a guy and a woman when eventually he will propose. In some cases, it comes too soon in others it never comes. A funny fact is that women, although cannot wait until it happens, they kind of get scared of what will come after, because all the pressure will be on their shoulders.
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Take a minute and try to remember when the proposal came. Was it at the right time or you considered it to be too late/soon?

People don’t get engaged after a period of three months, don’t you think so? Really, before engaging in something as serious as this, you have to get to know each other because it would be a real pity to discover after a month of marriage that you are not meant to be together.

Or, there’s the saddest part in which you didn’t have a proposal, or an engagement ring and he says a silly thing like “Let’s get married right now!” ; don’t accept immediately, because I know deep down that every woman dreams for the perfect wedding and getting married in Las Vegas isn’t quite the right solution.

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Some of you probably got married in this way and I am not saying this isn’t a fine way of doing it, but think of it seriously, did you really wished of your wedding day to be in such short notice?!

Now getting back to the subject of the proposal, I would really like to take into account the matter of dating. When do some of you consider the proposal as being adequate? After a long period of relationship of 1, 2 or even 3 years or you consider that a few months are just right for knowing each other?

Some say that after some years you might risk getting bored one of the other and getting married after, will be just a way of passing into this monotonous way of living.

Others say that getting to know each other is essential before the wedding and they’re quite right, because you don’t want to make a mistake – after all, the wedding is supposed to be for your entire life(if id doesn’t last that much, it’s about faith).

Also, some say that only a few months is just right for getting to know each other – this may happen, I don’t exclude the option.

A thing is certain: you have to get to know each other, to get used with your customs and way of being, before engaging in something as serious as marriage is. So, if there are guys reading this topic, please take into account what I have been writing here, it will turn out to be useful in the end, believe me!