Songs for different moments of the wedding

Now we’ll get back with the other songs that can be used for other different moments of the wedding. We’re going to present them and you’ll have an entire list where you can choose from….

songs for different moments of the wedding

There is another dance between that of the bride and groom and this one is with the bride and her father. After all, it is said that she is giving away her father for her husband. For this nice song we have some great suggestions like: How sweet is to be loved by you(James Taylor), I’ll stand by you(The Pretenders), Isn’t she lovely(Stevie Wonder), Daddy’s little girl(Michael Bolton) and the soundtrack from Aladdin, A whole new world.
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There’s also another great dance between the groom and the mother and for this “swing” we suggest That’s amore (Dean Martin), My way (Frank Sinatra) or Till the end of time (Perry Como). These are great songs that will make the two very close in that particular moment and think of all the things done in their lifetime and how they’ve been raised.

songs for different moments of the wedding2

We all know that the boys feel closer to their mothers and these songs will certainly make them regret a little bit that they’ve chosen this situation; kidding if they did it, surely they know what they want and after all they’re going to see their mothers every now and then without encountering any difficulties.

There’s also the moment in which the bride tosses the bouquet. For this special and funny gesture there’s also needed a great song and you already know the deal: the girl that will catch the bouquet is the next one who is going to get married.

So here are some suggestions of songs you may want to apply for: American woman (Lenny Kravitz), Single ladies (Beyonce), Another one bites the dust(Queen), Girls just want to have fun(Cindy Lauper) or It’s raining men( classical version or Geri Halliwell’s). This moment is certainly going to be funny and you’ll have a few laugh you can be sure of that.

songs for different moments of the wedding3

The last list of songs is for the moment in which the two of them cut the wedding cake. There’s needed music also for this important moment, because it’s really important you know….

The first suggestion is Honey, honey (Abba), another one is Truly, madly, deeply (Savage Garden), or Candyman( Christina Aguilera) or How sweet it is( Michael Bubble).

songs for different moments of the wedding4

We hope that you take into account our suggestions and maybe make a list of the songs liken by you and offer it to the orchestra or the band or whatever you’ve hired for your wedding day! We just hope that you have a lot of fun and everything ends as you dream it.