Wedding with orchid theme

We presented you weddings with different themes and between those themes we had the calla motif. Today we suggest the wedding with the orchid as basic theme! It sounds good, doesn’t it?

wedding with orchid theme

We start with the bride’s bouquet! How about a nice pink, purple and violet bouquet of orchids together with roses and other flowers? Wrap around the basis of this accessory a piece of lace! We like how this bouquet looks and we totally recommend it.

Another interesting model of bouquet is made of pink peonies with white and pink orchids and between these some fresh leaves!

wedding with orchid theme2

The groom can also wear a flower on his chest, and guess what flower it can be…. Yes indeed, a nice orchid maybe in orange nuance and some fresh green leaves at the basis and other element attached there!

Another example can be a white and simple orchid with some threads attached next to it! This accessory can be long and surely it will create a nice visual effect with the groom’s black truck suit!

wedding with orchid theme3

Where else can you use orchids in your wedding? You can use it in your hair as an accessory, as a hair pin! Place a white orchid on a nice hair pin but you can also find such model, it doesn’t matter if it’s artificial or the real flower….

When it comes to the floral arrangements, we think that the orchid is the appropriate flower for this matter because it can be found in numerous tones and nuances. For instance you can have a pyramid shape vase made in white and black tones. Fill this vase with yellow green orchids! Place as many flowers as you can there! Put this accessory in the middle of the table and surround it with small and white candles….

wedding with orchid theme4

Should we offer you some other floral arrangements and ornaments with orchids? Well how about glass transparent bowls, glasses or other recipients? You can have these containers filled with grass, orange orchids and yellow petals of flowers! The visual effect created is quite interesting and we guarantee you that for a few seconds your guests will ask themselves what you’ve got in these containers….
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That’s it up until now! We promise to continue with this topic because we’ve got some other examples in our sacks! Just remember to take only the parts you like from our suggestions and we also want to know what you’re really interested in and what do you want to find out about….